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10 Marvel Characters You Didn’t Know Donned A Symbiote

10 Marvel Characters You Didnt Know Donned A Symbiote

Eddie Brock’s symbiote called Venom is the most famous symbiote in the Marvel Universe, not many villains get their own movie. The storyline did a great job at highlighting the things the symbiote is capable of. Many fans are excited about the second movie that is releasing later this year.

But did you know that Eddie Brock is not the only person who has worn the spidery blob? Well, It’s possessed more than a dozen hosts worth mentioning, and been everything from an outright terrifying villain, to an anti-hero, to a space paladin. While some people were able to give up the abilities, others did not let go of the power they had found. Here we have listed 10 Marvel characters who have possessed a symbiote.

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1) Norman Osborn Was Overtaken By The Red Goblin


In Amazing Spider-Man #798 (written by Dan Slott), Norman Osborn appeared once again, and this time he was extremely dangerous and possessed incredibly lethal Carnage symbiote, becoming Red Goblin. This time he was even more cruel and sadistic than the Green Goblin, also enslaving Norman’s long grandchild Normie.

He was once again able to figure out Spider-Man’s true identity and gave him an ultimatum demanding him to retire. It was a perfect way to re-establish Norman Osborn.

2) Wolverine Became What He Was Hired To Destroy


In the ’60s Nick Fury hired Wolverine to help him in stopping some soldiers who had been consumed by the symbiote, and in Web of Venom: Ve’Nam (written by Donny Cates), Wolverine was added to the list of people who have been possessed by the symbiote suits. While attacking these soldiers one of the symbiotes attached itself to Wolverine.

3) Mac Gargan Became Addicted To The Power

MacGarganVenom e1620841946669

Mac Gargan, also known as Scorpion, spent enough time as Venom that he became addicted to it. Gargan grew to be a much more powerful villain with the symbiote. He also feared it but his thirst and addiction were much bigger than his fear.

As he spent more time with the symbiote, the more he grew erratic to the point where he even was eating people. He was able to get rid of it when he was exposed to the Anti-Venom toxin.

4) Lee Price’s Trauma Made Them The Perfect Vessel

Lee Price Venom e1620841981858

When Lee Price came across the symbiote, it had strange intentions like help more people or be a pacifist, but Lee had different plans. When the symbiote saved his life he instantly overpowered it, making it submit to his will, and used it to slaughter people around him.

Due to his childhood trauma, Lee was angry, violent and the symbiote was the perfect vessel for him and his rage.

5) The Guardians Of The Galaxy Were Too Unstable To Stay Safe

The Guardians Of The Galaxy venom

Drax, Groot, and Rocket have all experienced the power of symbiote at one time or another. This completely made sense as Agent Venom traveled with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while. The home planet of the symbiote was discovered by Guardians of the Galaxy.

They belong to a species called the Klyntar which are actually peaceful unless bonded with an unstable person. Groot, Rocket, and Drax were infected and helped each other.

6) Amy Weying Was Saved And Destroyed By The Symbiote

Anne Weying Venom

Amy Weying, the ex-wife of the original Venom Eddie Brock, was given the symbiote when she was shot. The symbiote did its job in healing her wounds, but later she used its power to become She-Venom and killed many people. She blamed the symbiote for her disgusting actions, but Eddie insisted that she only did those things because it was what she truly and deeply wanted.

7) Trevor Cole Was Shockingly Violent And Unforgiving


In the famous series Venom: Lethal Protector we saw Trevor Cole wearing the Life Foundation symbiote. He was a mercenary and was bonded to the symbiote called Riot. The combination of Trevor and Riot was scary because they were far more violent and unforgiving than the other Life Foundation symbiotes and host. Spider-Man and Venom later defeated them.

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8) Flash Thompson Was Given A New Pair Of Legs By The Symbiote

Flash ThompsonVenom

Flash Thompson is another famous user of this symbiote. As Agent Venom, he joined both the Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy and used the powers for the betterment of the world. Flash lost his legs while serving his time in the military, the symbiote gave him a new pair of legs. He was also able to create bladed weapons.

He also went on to wear the Anti-Venom suit, a white suit that was toxic to symbiotes.

9) Otto Octavius Had The Powers Of Both Venom And Spider-Man


Doc Ock was able to gain the powers of Venom symbiote when he was living in Peter Parker’s body. It was a lethal combination of Doc ock’s mind, Venom’s symbiote, and Spider-Man’s powers. He stole the symbiote from Flash Thompson and made himself into the Superior Venom who was more aggressive and irrational than before.

10) John Jonah Jameson III Was Quickly Abandoned

john jameson carnage

Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker, comes across a new person wearing the Carnage symbiote in Web of Carnage. It turns out that this person was John Jonah Jameson III, son of J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle.

John was in charge of guarding Cletus Kasady, the original host of Carnage. The symbiote realizes that John is not a good host and leaves him to attach to a better host, which was Spider-Man in this case.


Know about any other forgotten host of the symbiote? Let us know about it in the comment section!


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Written by Farhan Asif

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