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10 Marvel Heroes With Bodies Tougher Than The Hulk

10 Marvel Heroes With Bodies Tougher Than The Hulk

The Hulk might be the toughest one in Marvel. However, there are Marvel heroes who can be even stronger. He is more frightening on the battlefield, and a familiar Hulk saying goes -the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. It is difficult to tell how strong he is. Nevertheless, his strength is restricted by how furious he gets. He can take a considerable measure of harm and has one of the most amazing healing factors in comic book history.

Impossible Man Is Everlasting: Impossible Man can change his body into anything and everything indestructible. As a result, Impossible Man can suffer anything, even in the void of space. Hulk, in his respect, has no such strength.

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The Impossible Man

Kate Pryde: Kate Pryde has been one of the most amazing X-Men till date. She utilizes her phasing abilities to secure her place as one of the group’s most prominent individuals. In any case, when phasing, she can survive attacks that would end the Hulk.

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Kate Pryde The Most Amazing X-Men

Mr. Immortal: Mr. Immortal’s powers are clear; he cannot die in any case. Regardless of whatever happens to him, he survives. He can take more harm than the Hulk because of his power. Bullets that would kill the Hulk would also kill Mr. Immortal. However, he would get up and fight since he is literally immortal.

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Mr. Immortal

Vision: The Vision is one of the most robust Avengers of all. One of his many powers makes him durable and that gives him an advantage when going against Hulk. This trait would permit him to take a more noteworthy beating effectively. Nobody can hurt him as he can change his density and become stronger.

Vision | Marvel 101 - YouTube
The Vision’s Durability

Invisible WomanNo attack can contact her because of her hidden power fields. Her concentration restricts their durability, and she has worked for quite a long time to ensure that nothing breaks her focus. This has allowed her to shield herself from assaults.

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The Invisible Woman

Colossus’ Steel Body in Marvel: The Hulk is still practically human, with organs and bones that can be broken. This can not happen to Colossus, and that allows him to take beatings that would even bring the Hulk down.

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Colossus Steel Body

The Sentry’s The Most Powerful Marvel Hero: There are not many heroes out there who can go head to head with the Hulk. The Sentry is one of them. The Sentry can take crazy measures of punishment. The power of a “Million Exploding Suns” makes him more durable than the Hulk.

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The Sentry, The Most Powerful

Hyperion’s Superhuman Physique: There are so many ways Hyperion wins this one. He has demonstrated that he is more durable and stronger than anyone. In addition, he has a better regenerative factor than the most incarnations of the Hulk.

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Hyperion Superhuman Strength

Wolverine’s Godlike Healing Factor: Wolverine is one of the most menacing individuals on Earth. His healing factor has permitted him to endure attacks by the most complicated heroes and crooks on Earth, including the Hulk. Wolverine can essentially sustain anything, even the atomization of his tissues and organs.

Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett) In Comics Powers, Villains, History | Marvel
Wolverine’s Adamantium Skeleton

Deadpool Literally Cannot Die: Many of the Marvel heroes and villains have regenerative factors in the Marvel Universe. However, the best one’s with Deadpool. Deadpool can sustain any assault. He will consistently recover after each assault and be prepared to battle once more. While ultimately, the Hulk will go down, Deadpool won’t.

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Deadpool The Most Powerful Healing Factor


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