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10 Marvel Superheroes That Hosted the Venom Symbiote

While Eddie Brock is the most famous host of the Venom Symbiote, there are other characters too who donned it in the comic books. In fact, not just the bad guys, even superheroes have worn the Venom Symbiote at least once. Coming in contact with it enhances one’s powers and turns them aggressive and ferocious. It comes with poisonous fangs and a terrifying and piercing tongue that one must avoid at all costs. Though it’s easier for a symbiote, be it Venom or Carnage, to attach itself to villains and criminals, things get trickier when it has to control a superhero. Symbiotes are their own entities with distinct personality who just need a host to possess.  Find out the 10 Marvel characters who have hosted the Venom Symbiote.

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange and Venom are two of the most contrasting personalities. So, it’s kind of impossible to even imagine the calm and calculative Doctor Strange wreaking havoc in the Symbiote suit. However, his relationship with the Venom Symbiote was different from the rest of the versions we have seen. He was travelling through the multiverse when he came across it and decided to bond. “Avengers: Endgame” taught us that the Sorcerer Supreme always has a good reason behind his action. His venomized version was actually a saviour who formed a team with other Venomized superheroes from the multiverse- Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, and Ghost Rider, to stop the extra-terrestrials, Poisons.

Captain Marvel

During one of the battles between Spider-Man and Venom, Captain Marvel had arrived at Spidey’s rescue. But this ally’s help backfired as the Venom got quite attracted to her superior powers. She ended up becoming the host and together, Captain Marvel and Venom became nearly invincible. But with Spidey’s efforts, she was able to snap back to herself and kick Venom back to his older host, Mac Gargan.


Deadpool was the first hero during the Secret Wars to don the Symbiote. But he didn’t let the guest stay in his body for long and soon dropped it for Spider-Man to pick it up. He wore the suit once again in the “Back in Black” series just in time to gain an advantage over others in a battle. He was granted with Spider-Man’s powers- Spider-Sense and web-slinging.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Three of our favourite Guardians- Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Drax the Destroyer were also infected by the Venom Symbiote. This happened when Flash Thompson donned the Venom Symbiote and joined the Guardians as Agent Venom. Despite his usefulness, it was becoming extremely difficult for his fellow Guardians to handle the new agent. So each of them, starting from Groot, took turns to host Venom.


Yes! Even Spider-Man has had a taste of chaos with Venom’s blessings. He ended up hosting the Symbiote during the Secret Wars after Deadpool discarded it. It took Spidey a while before realizing that Venom took control of his mind at night and went out into the streets. With strong mind resistance and church bells, Spider-Man was finally able to get rid of the suit.


Wolverine is already a guy with anger issues. Imagine how much the anger got amplified when a Symbiote got hold of it. During the Vietnam War, Wolverine had a short but scary moment with a Symbiote that wasn’t Venom. The two had somehow bonded well over a similar past where both were subjected to lab experiments as weapons.


As we all know, Spider-Gwen belongs to an alternate universe where it was Gwen Stacy, and not Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider. She had once bonded with the symbiote to regain some of her lost spider powers. They had a smooth partnership for a long time as Gwen was able to have good control of the Symbiote.

Multiple Man

Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man was a mutant who could create multiple copies of himself by using kinetic energy. He joined forces with the Symbiote to defeat Hawkeye in Old Man Hawkeye Vol. 1. His existing powers allowed him to duplicate multiple versions of Venom charging towards Hawkeye and his allies, but most of them were eventually shot down.

Human Torch

This comical union of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch and Venom Symbiote occurred in Marvel Adventures of Spider-Man #24. After being detached from Spider-Man’s body, Venom was captured and kept in Reed Richards’ lab when Johnny came in contact with it and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, Venom’s weakness was fire and the enhanced heat generated from Human Torch’s flames forced it to leave his body.

Red Hulk

Imagine the intensity of chaos if the angry Red Hulk hosted the Venom! In fact, the outcome made him one of the deadliest and most formidable entities to ever exist in Marvel Comics. This took place after the Red Hulk borrowed the Spirit of Vengeance from Ghost Rider and the Venom Symbiote from Flash Thompson.

Written by Ipshita Barua