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10 Marvel Superheroes Who Could Easily Take Down Doomsday

While we all know of the times when Superman and Doomsday have fought and the Earth shaking in the wake of their punches, these Marvel Superheroes could do it without batting an eye. These heroes hold the true power, not Superman.  They can kill Doomsday.

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Jean Grey

We start this list with the most obvious over-powered mutant superhero in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Jean Grey is the host to the mighty Phoenix Force. She holds a power unlike any other psychic in Marvel Comics. Jean’s already incredible psychic and telekinetic powers are enhanced to Godlike levels after being possessed by the Phoenix Force entity. This entity is the nexus of all psychic energy that ever was, is, or will be in the universe. The Phoenix Force is responsible for protecting the multi verse. It chose Jean Grey as its host. One of greatest feats of strength Jean has shown is telepathically making an entire civilization go and destroy a whole star system.


Nate Grey is the clone of a popular mutant mercenary and superhero – Cable. While Cable is him-self an omega level mutant, his powers are greatly restricted by the Techno-Organic Virus that runs through his veins. Nate Grey was born without the T.O Virus in his body. He has developed a level of telekinesis that far surpassed that of Cable or even Stryfe’s. Stryfe has been able to kill the invincible and immortal mutant anti-hero Deadpool. Nate possesses a power that lies far beyond that of both Cable and Stryfe’s. He has used his telekinetic prowess to rip open the dimensional barrier and travel across universes.


Robert Reynolds injected himself with a serum that gave him the power of a million exploding suns. The Sentry is a relatively new character and his creator has openly claimed that he is homage to DC Universe’s Superman. The Sentry has infinite amounts of power. He has achieved speeds to travel back and forth in time and across universes. His strength has helped him rip open the Hulk. He can find Thor and the entire Asgardian army to a standstill. The Void is an evil persona within the Sentry that takes over at times, increasing his powers ten-fold. If Doomsday and the Sentry ever fought, the Sentry could crush this guy like a twig.


Gladiator’s real name is Kallark. He is the leader of the powerful and mighty Imperial Guard of the Vast Shi’ar Empire. Gladiator is also modeled on Superman. The name Kallark is a mix between two of Superman’s real world names – Kal-El and Clark Kent. Gladiator has pretty much the same powers as Superman. What sets him apart though is that his powers do not have a ceiling unlike the Man of Steel’s. Gladiator becomes as strong as he believes him-self to be. If he believes that he is stronger than Doomsday, then it will make him stronger than Doomsday, thus ending the fight then and there.

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Hyperion is the leader of a team of superheroes inspired by the Justice League. He is the sole survivor of his universe and has escaped to the mainstream Marvel continuity. Hyperion could easily take down Doomsday because he has shown feats not even Superman has been able to do. Once he stopped two planets from colliding and survived being sandwiched between two massive celestial objects. Another incredible feat of strength was Hyperion stopping two universes from crashing onto each other. He did it with his bare hands.

Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel was the original Superman knockoff within Marvel Comics’ arsenal. He was once a scientist who met with an accident, turning his entire body into a living Anti Matter reactor. This also enhanced his physical abilities, making him one of the toughest and strongest superheroes ever. Blue Marvel was forced to let go of his mantle after he revealed that he was an African American. It was back in the days of the peak of the Civil Rights movement. His powers were finally acknowledged when he became a vital member of the Captain Marvel led superhero team The Ultimates.

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the King and Leader of the Inhuman race, an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity who were the result of Kree Experimentation on the human race. Black Bolt is arguably the strongest, most powerful Inhuman ever. His greatest asset in combat is his voice. A mere whisper from Black Bolt is enough to level a mountain. When Black Bolt gets really serious, his screams could disintegrate entire planets. One time he even screamed hard enough to rip open the fabric of reality, creating a space time anomaly. Doomsday would not even get near him before Black Bolt would just scream him out of existence.


Vulcan is the brother of Cyclops and Havok, two popular X-Men members. When he was still in his mother’s womb, Vulcan was kidnapped and ended up in the colonies of the Shi’Ar Empire. He later showed the ability of Omega Level Energy Manipulation. Vulcan slowly climbed through the ranks of the Empire and led a revolution, crowning himself as the King of the Mighty Shi’Ar. Vulcan is a weapon of ultimate destruction. He can absorb infinite amounts of energy and devastate entire star systems with a swing of his finger. Up until today, Vulcan is the only being who withstood multiple point blank screams of Black Bolt to live to tell the tale.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch has the power to control reality. What good will brute force do to Doomsday if he cannot even reach her? Scarlet Witch is blessed with the power of Chaos Magic. She holds the energy of an Elder God within her-self. Once when Wanda was mentally unstable, she decimated the entire mutant population with just three words. Doomsday is but just one being. He can come at her again and again. All Scarlet Witch has to do is snap her fingers to wish Doomsday away. And she would not even need the Infinity Gauntlet to do it.


Well not the one you have seen from the movies!! We are talking about the Thor from the current comic book issues. After Thor became the King of Asgard, commanded the Mighty Odin Force, had one of his arms replaced with the arms of the Destroyer armor, Asgard was invaded by Galactus. Galactus ended up gifting Thor the Power Cosmic. In the comics, Thor possesses his own powers as well as that of the Odin Force and the Power Cosmic. He is a Force of Nature not even Doomsday could ever hope to defeat..

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