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10 Marvel Ultimate Universe Character Transitions That Went Wrong

Marvel 10 Characters Who Were Worse In The Ultimate Universe

The writers designed Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe with previous characters set in a modern world. The respective series’s well-known characters got a new storyline and a massive change in their characteristic behavior. However, the transition into their Ultimate Universe character did not point towards an improved version of many existing heroes. As a result, they failed to impress the fans and become as popular as their original versions. Here, we will discuss ten of Marvel’s popular superheroes whose Ultimate Universe versions did not deliver.

1. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Ultimate Universe Characters were Evil by Will

Things That Turned Out Bad - Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Take Their Love  For Each Other Way Too Far
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the Ultimates

The fans always loved the initially tragic and jaded original back-story of the Maximoff twins. Magneto blackmailed them into becoming a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. But, they stepped up and joined the Avengers when duty called.
On the other hand, in Ultimate X-Men, Wanda and Pietro displayed a bloodlust towards their enemy and were dedicated members of the brotherhood, at their own will.

2. Ultimate Black Widow was a Violent Maniac

Ultimate Black Widow went Rogue
Ultimate Black Widow

Natalia Romanova, aka the Black Widow, has one of the most intriguing stories of any Marvel character. For instance, she was a former corrupt Soviet spy who turned over a new leaf. Subsequently, she joined the S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.
However, Black Widow’s Ultimate Universe character displayed violent tendencies. Despite being a hero, she had Hawkeye’s family murdered and killed his son in Volume 2. Also, She betrayed the Ultimates to the villainous group Liberators.

3. Ultimate Captain America showed Emotional Instability

Steven Rogers on a Kill Spree driven by Emotion
Ultimate Captain America

Fans love Captain America for his famous adherence to rule and ideals. The Captain from Earth-616 wouldn’t stop fighting evil at any cost, even after suffering a 70-year lapse in his life. Besides, he was dependable, and his team-mates looked up to him to make the tough call in high-pressure situations.
Ultimate Captain America lacked the fundamental ideals or capacity of his original version. He often seemed to be awkward in the new timeline and had frequent emotional outbursts. However, the writers may have cleverly tried to embed the mindset of a common white man of his era; the powerful determine the right. The experimentation did not sit well with the fans.

4. Doctor Doom’s Ultimate Universe Character lacked the Fear Element

A Petty Criminal trying to end Spiderman
Petty Doctor van Damme

Doctor Victor von Doom is undoubtedly among Marvel’s most infamous supervillains. He has appeared across multiple Marvel comic series against different superheroes. A scheming evil genius in the most real sense, Doom tended to induce a sense of dread and fear by his mere appearance. Moreover, the Doctor had the mentality of a guardian of Latveria, which gave his story a different twist.
Ultimate Universe’s Victor van Damme failed to carry the same air of terror-inducing grandeur as his 616 counterpart. He was a mere miscreant with petty goons trying to dominate Copenhagen. As a result, he failed to deliver as a dominating antagonist.

5. Ultimate Mister Fantastic was outright Villainous

Maker (Reed Richards) by Esad Ribic
Reed Richards’ Transformation into The Maker

Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, had an unshakeable moral compass and a keen intellect. Besides, the fans adored his chemistry with Sue. He was the fittest person to lead the Fantastic Four.
However, Reed Richards’ Ultimate Universe character portrayal was dark and volatile. After his break-up with Sue, he went berserk and killed his family. Mr. Fantastic became the Maker and ruled over the City. He had Asgard destroyed, except Thor. In conclusion, he evolved into a better villain than Ultimate’s Dr. Doom.

6. Ultimate Hulk was a Monster by Nature

Ultimate Hulk breaks the Prison
Hulk on a Rage Rampage

Bruce Banner’s story is nuanced and layered. It portrays his struggles to remain centered between his calm, polite self and the Hulk’s angry, rough character. Earth-616’s Hulk was gentle and kind at heart, despite his severe raging outbursts.
But the Ultimate Hulk felt suffocated by his team-mates and Betty Ross. As a result, he succumbed to his primal bloodlust and rage. The monster in Hulk devastated New York City and killed more than 800 people.

7. Daredevil’s Ultimate Universe Character had an Insatiable Ego


Spidey being real with Daredevil (Ultimate Spider-Man #110 : comicbooks
Daredevil Threatens Vanessa’s Life

Daredevil was Spiderman’s peer, friend & guide in some aspects on Earth-616. The two shared a friendly banter now and then, but Daredevil emerged as a devoted guardian when the time came.
On the other hand, the Daredevil in ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ was reckless and insulting. He repeatedly tried to send Spiderman back home on the grounds of ‘not being mature enough to fight crime.’ He also threatened comatose Vanessa Fisk to prevent Kingpin from bombing an office.

8. Ultimate Magneto was just Another Self-Serving Villain

Respect Ultimate Magneto (Marvel, Earth 1610)
Magneto Threatening Destruction of NYC

Fans regard Magneto as an anti-hero because of his unfair fight for a just cause, mutants’ survival. His unfair and violent means are accredited to his experience in the Holocaust. To sum it up, Magneto is one of the most popular villains in Earth-616.
In the Ultimate Universe, Magneto lacks his Holocaust experience. His ego solely drives his desire for mutant supremacy. He tends to commit mass murders in New York City and intends to conquer all humans, sacrificing as many mutants necessary.

9. Hank Pym’s Ultimate Universe Character is Consistently Abusive

The Irredeemable Ant-Man: Who Is The Worst Ant-Man?
The Fire Ant attack

Hank Pym’s mental breakdown in the Avengers series led him to hit his wife, Janet van Dyne. As a result, the Avengers expelled him. However, he worked hard to change and establish himself as a brilliant sane scientist.
In the Ultimate Universe, Hank Pym swung between desirable and violent phases. He had a previous reputation of being insecure that resulted in domestic abuse. His experiment with fire-ants almost killed Jan, which led to his expulsion from the Avengers. He just went down the dark side and betrayed Avengers to the Liberators with Black Widow.

10. Ultimate Hawkeye never Retired from Being a Professional Assassin

Ultimate Comics Hawkeye Issue #1 - Read Ultimate Comics Hawkeye Issue #1  comic online in high quality | Hawkeye, Avengers art, Comics online
Hawkeye proceeds to Kill without Orders

In the same vein as Black Widow, Hawkeye was a former supervillain. He joined as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and later became an intrinsic part of the Avengers Initiative. He retained his brooding self but displayed a lot of personal growth through the original comics.
On the other hand, Hawkeye’s Ultimate Universe character never ceased to be a bloodthirsty assassin. He was well acquainted with his career’s violence and seemed to enjoy it. He was a better marksman than Earth-616’s Hawkeye, yet his nature soiled his title of a hero.

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