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10 Marvel Villains That Would Give The MCU Avengers A Really Difficult Fight

We always believe that Avengers are always strong and it’s impossible to defeat them. But, there are some exceptions. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but there are some Marvel villains who can exploit our superheroes. Here are 10 Marvel villains who can give a tough fight to Avengers.

1. Graviton – Black Panther’s Vibranium Suit can absorb any form of energy except gravity, where controlling gravity is Graviton’s special power.

2. Jiaying – Jiaying has inhuman abilities where she can absorb the lifeforce of others into her own body. As a result, she can exploit Scarlet Witch and make her incapacitate before she could even retaliate.

3. Yellowjacket – Yellowjacket has the ability to shrink down into a tiny size and trespass into the Iron Man suit. Then, he may do anything such as releasing toxic gas, planting explosives, or mess up his suit.

4. Purple Man – Kevin Thompson/Kilgrave/Purple Man, can control people by passing his powerful verbal commands to others. Imagine what if Purple Man commands Captain America to kill himself or destroy his shield or sabotage the U.S flag. There’s no limit.

5. Absorbing Man – Carl Creel or Absorbing Man has a phenomenal power of absorbing the properties of any material with just a touch. What if he touches Thor’s Mjolnir? The Absorbing Man will become as strong as Thor. It will be the ultimate face-off.

6. D’Spayre – Andre Deschaine/D’Spayre was a former jazz musician who has a command on both Dark force and Light force. He can create unceasing despair in others leading to negative thoughts and emotions. Hulk could get extra-sensitive and become a victim of D’Spayre’s powers.

Brooklyn McLinn as D’Spayre

7. Kaecilius – Kaecilius is a master in dark magic and has the ability to manipulate mystic energy. As we are aware that Spidey’s spider-sense may not be effective in a mirror dimension. So, Kaecilius can transfer Spider-Man to another dimension where his powers could go in vain.

8. Hela – Hela is more powerful and stronger than Thor and even broke Thor’s Mjolnir and defeated the entire squad of Valkyrie. She can produce waves of dark energy that can bleed down Captain Marvel to death.

9. Ulysses Klaue – Klaue has a high-tech sonic mechanism on his right forearm where he can produce overwhelming sound waves. These waves can blow out the eardrums of Daredevil and make him deprived of power.

10. Surtur – Surtur is a fire demon and also called as ‘Lord of Muspelheim’ and can turn Groot into ashes. Also, Surtur can crush most MCU characters with his fire manipulation ability.

Written by FandomWire Staff