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10 MCU Easter Eggs That Hint At The Rise of Thunderbolts

Find out how 10 MCU Easter eggs hint at the rise of Thunderbolts. The latest projects of the MCU Phase 4 have started taking place on the small screen, with “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. While “WandaVision” set up “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, TFATWS indicated the arrival of Thunderbolts. There were many clues in the last episode to confirm that Marvel might be looking forward to introducing a new super team. Thunderbolts are a concept similar to the Suicide Squad of DC where a team of super-villains turn into heroes.

Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross Is The Biggest Hint

Thaddeus and the Raft appearing in more than one MCU movie outside the Hulk Universe is not a coincidence. Everything that occurs in this franchise is well planned. Mentioning him and the Raft at such an early stage is a clear indication of the namesake set-up. As the Secretary of State, Ross has enough power to establish a super team of his own who will follow his orders, unlike the Avengers. Theories suggest that if he appears in “Black Widow”, many anti-heroes and villains from his past might show up and eventually get onboard.

U.S. Agent Can Join Thunderbolts

TFATWS introduced us to the U.S.Agent, aka former Captain America, John Walker. By the end of the show, Val named Walker the U.S. Agent and gave him the iconic black suit from the comic books.  Most of the readers know him as a member of the Dark Avengers, run by Norman Osborne. But considering the legal rights issues over Spider-Man with Sony, he is more likely to join Thunderbolt and Baron Zemo. Val recruiting Walker for a secret and weird mission in the finale only solidifies our beliefs. It definitely hints at the rise of Thunderbolts.

Baron Zemo Left An Easter Egg

By the end of TFATWS, the notorious Baron Zemo was taken to the Raft by Dora Milajae. This raises his chances of getting recruited since his paths are bound to cross with Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross’ who runs the prison. Zemo was the leader of Thunderbolts in the comic books until his teammates dethroned him and turned themselves into anti-heroes. Sending him to the Raft is an Easter egg that hints Thunderbolts.

Valentina Hints At Thunderbolts

The introduction (hardly) of the mysterious Val in “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” has fueled all our curiosities. She certainly works with a secret government organization that is involved with the weird and shadowy business. Now that she has saved John Walker and hired him for some dangerous tasks, Val might be reappearing in “Black Widow”. If theories are true, then this film will throw more light on her mysterious background.

Bucky Barnes and Batroc the Leaper

Batroc might be dead in the MCU, but both he and Bucky were Thunderbolts in the books. Looking at Bucky’s character development in TFATWS and his long road ahead with the MCU, we expect him to take bigger roles in the upcoming projects. Now that the former Winter Soldier is on the right side again, Ross might blackmail or force him to fight for him.

Residents of the Raft

So far, we have only seen the Raft in “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. But this isolated Shutter Island-like prison with max security wasn’t built for revolting Avengers or their rich foes. Ross must have built it for powerful yet potentially dangerous creatures who may not be heroic like the Avengers. We haven’t seen any of these prisoners, but they do exist and may get recruited in Ross’ team pretty soon.

Black Widow and Taskmaster

Considering that both Black Widow and Taskmaster were part of Thunderbolts in the comics, their arrival in the upcoming “Black Widow” might set up the super team.  Theories suggest that Yelena Belova will take on the mantle of Black Widow and Taskmaster will be the latest villain.  Yelena’s skills and Taskmaster’s ability to replicate his foe’s combat moves make them potential candidates for the team.


Clint Barton will be returning soon to train the Young Avenger, Kate Bishop. But does he have another task that is pending with the franchise? Hawkeye was a member of Ross’ team in the comic books and there is a high chance of him repeating it in the movies. Though we are yet to find out about the extent of Clint’s journey with the MCU, his skills and expertise in singlehandedly killing crime bosses during the blip might be his passport to the team.

Agatha and Ghost

MCU is great at adjusting its variations into comic book adaptions. Agatha Harkness and Ghost were never part of Thunderbolts. But their movie counterparts may find a place in the team. With the importance of magic and quantum realm rising in the franchise, it wouldn’t be a huge leap to get these women on board. Considering the updated version of the Avengers with wizards and sorcerers like Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, Ross might be open to hiring a powerful witch like Agatha.

Emil Blonsky

Abomination was never a part of this super team in the books, but Ross’ inclination to control muscle power might bring the two together.  Fans have been eagerly waiting to learn about what Emil’s been up to since the events of “The Incredible Hulk” and they’ll soon get the answers. His return in “She-Hulk” might mean a potentially big role for Emil.

Written by Ipshita Barua