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10 MCU Missing Characters Who Could Return & Change The Whole Dynamic

ultron hela leader

The MCU umbrella has gotten bigger than Wanda’s hex, and it has held several amazing characters captive. Some of them are recurring, while others have been freed of their MCU duties. But there are other supporting characters who have been missing for quite a while, and there’s no word on their return either. Although, we should expect many of them to be back in the same way as Lady Sif, Jane Foster, Darcy, Emil Blonsky, and possibly Justin Hammer are now making their return. So, here are the missing characters who could be back and play very important roles in future MCU projects:

Dr. Erik Selvig

erik selvig

Stellan Skarsgård’s Erik Selvig was last seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but we did notice his presence through an image in Spider-Man: Far From Home. He played a huge role in the first two Phases, and now Phase 4 or Phase 5 could bring him back as a SWORD associate. SWORD is supposed to deal with a bunch of cosmic elements, so I believe that Selvig could have important arcs in upcoming projects like Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 2.


Hannah John Kamen Ghost

It hasn’t been a long while since Ghost went missing. But we’ve got to mention her because of the situation she was in. Scott Lang was supposed to bring Quantum Energy Particles back for her, but he was sucked into a time vortex. So, what happened to Ava Starr during the five years between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame? How did she stabilize her condition? Well, rumors suggest that she is fine, and will return as a part of the Thunderbolts in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or other future project involving the team of Anti-heroes.

Dr. Helen Cho

helen cho

Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced us to Claudia Kim’s Helen Cho. She helped Ultron build Vision’s body with her Regeneration Cradle. So the way I see it, SWORD could contact her since they were recently studying Vision’s technical makeup. It’s likely that they are come up with more Sentient Weapons to prevent Earth from terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats. So, there’s a major chance that Helen Cho could have a brief appearance in the coming episodes of WandaVision or other SWORD-related projects. And besides, her return could also lead us to Amadeus Cho, another character who becomes the Hulk in the comics.

The Collector & Grandmaster

collector grandmaster

It was implied that the Collector died in Avengers: Infinity War, but we were never shown
his body. But Benicio Del Toro teased that the Collector is alive and he could return. Well, we’ve got to believe this because Marvel won’t miss out on a reunion between the two Elders, Taneleer Tivan and the Grandmaster. Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster has also been missing since Thor: Ragnarok. So, maybe Thor: Love and Thunder could bring these characters back and totally surprise us.

Arnim Zola


Zola made his shocking returned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but the film implied that he was blown into nothingness. Although, there was an abandoned storyline of Captain America 3 which was supposed to bring his comic-accurate robotic version into the mix. And, he was also placed in the 1970s sequence of Avengers: Endgame. So, there’s a chance that Hydra could still be around and he could make his dramatic return in Phase 4. We are not sure whether Marvel could bring Red Skull back, but we might finally see Zola in his comic-accurate robot body.


hela 1

If you watch the moment of Surtur attacking Hela in slow-motion, you’d realize that Hela actually escaped at the very last second. She didn’t die in Thor: Ragnarok, and could certainly be back after having regained her strength over the years. Although, we’re not sure if she’d return in Love and Thunder, or the eventual Thor 5.


Avengers Age Of Ultron

This is a villain who is known for making shocking comebacks in the comics. He holds far greater relevance than the MCU has allotted him. Vision may have wiped him out of the internet and killed his last surviving body, but he could still be back through Vision. There’s a part of him that exists within Vision. And in recent times, SWORD has been experimenting upon the dead Synthezoid. So, there’s a chance that Ultron could be unleashed because of what SWORD did. We saw a little tease of Ultron in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It could have been a tease for Ultron’s presence.



Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to strike a bargain with Dormammu. The lord of the Dark Dimension did promise that he won’t return if Strange would free him. But in Endgame, Thanos turned the Infinity Stones into atoms. Doctor Strange can no longer use the Time Stone to prevent threats like Dormammu. So, there’s a major chance that the big villain could return to consume Earth in Doctor Strange 2, or a future MCU installment.

Samuel Sterns

the incredible hulk the leader mcu tim blake nelson

Now that Tim Roth is returning as the Abomination, it won’t be a surprise that the giant-headed Samuel Sterns could also return. He has been hiding somewhere with his swollen head ever since The Incredible Hulk. But rumors have suggested that he could be the villain of MCU’s eventual Thunderbolts project. So, it would be amazing to see if he returns and takes his place as The Leader. I think She-Hulk would be the perfect series for his comeback before he goes on to become the villain of Thunderbolts.

Betty Ross

betty ross

Similar to Sterns and Blonsky, Betty Ross has also been missing for over a dozen years in the MCU. Thaddeus Ross made a very welcomed return in Captain America: Civil War, but there are no signs of Betty. Now that Natasha is no more, Betty could be reintroduced into Bruce’s life. Her return could reignite their love for each other. She-Hulk could act as the sequel that The Incredible Hulk never got. And, Liv Tyler could also be brought back in the series.

Which of these characters would you like to see making their comebacks in the MCU? Are there any other characters who could return? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


Written by Vansh Mehra

Just wanna share my passion for cinema with everyone.