10 Memorable Quotes From Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2

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Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy was loved by fans all over the globe, mainly because in the early 2000s, films based on superhero comics became one of the most popular genres in the film industry. Today, the Spider-man we know is played by Tom Holland, but hardcore fans remember the original Spidey was played by Tobey Maguire.


He was accompanied by some great actors like James Franco, Kirsten Dunst, Rosemary Harris, Willem Dafoe, and many more. Most fans believe Spider-Man 2 to be the best in the set of three. It had many memorable lines that they love right up ’til today.

1) “Don’t Hurt Peter!”


Peter’s relationship with Harry changed a ton all through the movies. They began as best friends. However, towards the finish of the first film, Harry was persuaded that Spider-Man executed his dad. Realizing that Peter had an association with Spider-Man, he began to disdain his companion. After consenting to offer Otto tritium as a trade off for bringing Spider-Man to him, he revealed to Otto that Peter knew Spider-Man yet asked him not to hurt the friend he had confidence in.

2) “Spider-Man Was A Hero. I Just Couldn’t See It. He Was A- A Thief! A Criminal! He Stole My Suit! He’s A Menace To The Entire City!”

Spider-Man was not only hated by Harry. J. Jonah Jameson was the Daily Bugle’s editor-in-chief and Peter’s boss. He hired Peter to take photographs of Spider-Man and consistently accepted that the web slinger was New York’s foe as opposed to a legend. After Peter decided that he would not like to be the web slinger any longer, Jonah blamed himself.


3) “My Best Friend, Who Cares So Much About Me, Can’t Make An 8:00 Curtain. After All These Years, He’s Nothing To Me But An Empty Seat.”

Peter chose to quit being Spider-Man because he was unable to keep his own life all together while sparing the city. Spider-man lost Mary Jane in the wake of neglecting to see the show she was in while every other person in her life saw it. He tried to explain to her that he wasn’t allowed in when he was late on the day he tried to see it, but she wasn’t ready to forgive him.

4) “You Know Why We Can’t Be Together. Spider-Man Will Always Have Enemies. I Can’t Let You Take That Risk. I Will Always Be Spider-Man. You And I Can Never Be.”


Towards the end of the film, Mary Jane’s doubts of Peter being Spider-Man were affirmed. She saw him without his mask and everything turned out to be obvious to her. The two addressed each other about what the future had available for them. Despite loving her, he dismissed the possibility of both of them being together because he would not like to place her at serious risk. However, she concluded that she adored him enough to face the challenge and the two turned into a thing.

5) “I Can’t Live Your Dreams Anymore. I Want A Life Of My Own.”

Peter always wanted to make his uncle proud. In the wake of understanding that being Spider-Man was a choice, he pondered what Ben would state to him. Uncle Ben would have needed Peter to be a saint and beaten the impediments in his own life without abandoning the city. This was Peter’s reaction, accepting that he was not, at this point liable for the powers he was given. Though his grades got improved and even his relationships got better, nothing could have held him back from being who he truly is for long.


6) “Everybody Loves A Hero. People Line Up For Them, Cheer Them, Scream Their Names, And Years Later, They’ll Tell How They Stood In The Rain For Hours Just To Get A Glimpse Of The One Who Taught Them To Hold On A Second Longer.”

When Peter visited Aunt May, she told him that her neighbor, Henry, admires Spider-Man and needs to be much the same as him. When Peter asks why he would want that, she clarifies why Spider-Man is so essential to New York. He gives people the strength that they need and is a motivation for every one of them to be better. Her words helped him understand that he should be Spider-Man once more.

7) “You’re Weak. You Were Always Weak. You’ll Always Be Weak Until You Take Control. Now You Know The Truth About Peter. Be Strong, Harry. Avenge Me. Avenge Me!”


Towards the finish of the film, Harry discovered that his closest companion and most exceedingly terrible adversary were the same person from the start. He began having hallucinations of his dad. At the point when Norman said these words to him, Harry threw a knife in his grasp at the mirror he saw Norman on, uncovering a mystery room that stored Green Goblin’s suit, and weapons in it. After finding this, Harry chose to turn into the next Goblin.

8) “Uncle Ben Was Killed That Night For Being The Only One Who Did The Right Thing.”

For quite a while, Aunt May didn’t have a clue about reality with regards to how her husband died and blamed herself for his demise. Feeling remorseful, Peter revealed to her that he needed to purchase a car and entered a wrestling competition. Subsequent to winning yet not getting the cash, a thief took it. Peter let the man escape. Moments later, he stole Uncle Ben’s car and was blamed for his death. In the wake of admitting reality to Aunt May, she didn’t speak to him for some time but was able to forgive him by the end of the movie.


9) “If Only I Could Cause You The Pain That You’ve Caused Me. First, We’ll See Who’s Behind That Mask. I Can Look Into Your Eyes As You Die. Pete? No, It Can’t Be.”

After the film’s villain Doctor Octopus brought Spider-Man to Harry and got the tritium, Harry was at last ready to get his retribution. Be that as it may, before he killed him, he needed to know who Spider-Man was. After he got to know that Peter was Spider-man, he was shocked and felt betrayed.

10) “Sometimes, To Do What’s Right, We Have To Be Steady And Give Up The Thing We Want The Most, Even Our Dreams.”


All through the film, Otto dismissed who he truly was and placed New York in danger to attempt to accomplish his objective. Peter revealed his true identity to him so that he could turn Otto back into who he used to be. Though at first, he resisted, Otto soon realized that Peter was right. Regretting the decisions that he made, he gave his life to spare the city he might have obliterated.


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