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10 Most Hated DC Superheroes That Get Results (But No One Likes To Work With)

Not all heroes are as beloved and respected. Some are prone to tactics and actions that make them an object of hatred. But they do it because nobody else will.

Rorschach Takes The Law Into His Own Hands Way Too Often

Rorschach was created with a very specific persona. He was basically Bruce Wayne had he decided to give up on society. With a calculative mind, a brutal sense of justice, and an unusual affinity for violence, Rorschach’s methods are a pain in the butt for his superhero colleagues. Literally nobody in the Watchmen universe actually like him. His ‘best friend’ Night Owl barely tolerates the guy. But Rorschach does give results. Despite knowing he is an outcast amongst his peers, Rorschach gets down to business almost every night. He works to save the little guy and in the process, has taken down so many criminal overlords that he is considered an absolute legend in the field of vigilantism.

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John Constantine Is Not Really The Perfect Role Model

He is a wreck. He is a con-man. And he would sell his mother’s soul to the Devil if need be. This self-absorbed hooligan from the United Kingdom is a very reviled personality. No one in the DC Universe would like to go near him unless they absolutely need to. But John Constantine is one of the world’s greatest magicians and sorcerers. In terms of magic and mysticism, no one is a higher authority on the subject than John Constantine. That is a fact even Zatanna has confirmed in the comic books. The truth is – John Constantine knows he makes things worse just by existing. So he has given up on trying to change himself, knowing full well his self destructive activities will one day be his doom.

Damian Wayne Is A Bad Boy For Life

We won’t actually blame Damian Wayne for the hate he receives on a daily basis. He is just a kid. He was trained to act in a certain manner by the league of assassins. When you are mentally conditioned to play the violent anti-hero from birth, there’s so very little you can do to make things better. Most of Damian’s undesirable traits are still there despite the multiple reboots of the DC Universe. Some, if not all fans, still hate the kid. But Damian is the smartest and most skilled Robin we have ever seen under Batman’s tutelage. He is destined for great things.

Booster Gold Is The Very Zenith Of Impudence

Booster Gold is a man out of time. Born in the future,. Booster Gold was once just a janitor working in a superhero museum. After getting fascinated by the exploits of the Justice League of the 21st Century, he steals superhero equipment from the museum and travels back in time to make a name for himself. Over the years, Booster Gold has been portrayed as an irresponsible and incompetent attention seeker who lives more for the fame rather than helping people with his abilities. But Booster Gold does have a very relatable back story, something that was established later, that explains his tendency to put on a superhero costume to save the day. Even though he commits some terrible errors, he does mean good. His advanced tech has proven to be quite an asset.

Lobo’s Attitude Is A Big Turn Off

The brash talking muscular brute hailing from a race called the Velorpians does not have many superheroes that respect him. He likes to work alone. And when he works within a team, he tends to invite a lot of fights with his colleagues. His unpredictable nature makes him a terrible team mate. His lone wolf tactics don’t help either. But Lobo is a man who is a class apart. He can get things done his way, even though his ways are the most unconventional in nature. This is a guy even the Batman respects so we know he is the real deal.

Red Hood’s Methods Are Ultra-Violent

Jason Todd was the second person to take on the mantle of Robin after Dick Grayson. He was a fairly well-fleshed out character. But tragedy struck when the Joker killed him with a crowbar in death In The Family. Todd was not dead for long. Jason Todd returns to the land of the living. But this time, he returns with a vengeance. After taking on the name of Red Hood, Jason Todd goes on a killing spree, leaving a trail of bloodshed and destruction.

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The Red Hood has since mended his ways. But his anti-hero tendencies always keep getting the better of him. Todd is prone to use violence as the first and final resort to quickly end things. His ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ policy puts his allies in trouble more than often. But he does end up getting the job done because he is willing to get his hands dirty, something none of his peers are man enough to do.

Guy Gardner Is An Angry, Arrogant Brat

Guy Gardner is probably the least favorite of the human Green Lanterns. We have heard people say they would prefer Sinestro’s Green Lantern over Guy Gardner. But the guy is not given enough credit. Behind that bratty, tough exterior is a person who genuinely wants to do good. He may not be in the good books of his peers. But that never stopped him from playing the good guy. Over the years, Gardner’s feats include mastering not just one but multiple colors of the emotional spectrum. His skills as a leader is also second only to a select few like John Stewart.

Simon Baz Started Out From A Bad Place

When Simon Baz first came into the picture, he was portrayed as a criminal. A Muslim-America, Baz was a career criminal who spent much of his life in prison. When he became a Green Lantern, many thin-skinned folks started complaining about DC trying to ‘forcibly’ diversify things. But Baz was here to stay. Over the years, Baz has become a beacon of hope to people looking for a second chance. He has become good friends with Jessica Cruz and has managed to save the day many times on his own. His superhero allies still steer clear of him but Simon Baz keeps moving forward.

Superboy Was Initially A Symbol Of Incompetence

After Superman dies fighting Doomsday, Conner Kent is brought into the picture. Conner is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. He initially represented everything Superman never stood for. Conner lusted for fame and recognition. He was a womanizer and always tried to lift more than he should. Even today, Superboy is seen as an incompetent and incomplete version of Superboy. Little does anyone know that Conner has become more and more like Superman than anybody would care to imagine. In the future timeline, he has even sometimes taken over the mantle of the Man of Steel.

Batman Is The Most Distrusted Justice League Member

No superhero is as distrusted and hated for their actions than Batman. The Dark Knight is a mere human albeit with near superhuman skills. He knows that if the superhumans of Earth go rogue, there is nothing humanity could do to stop them. He represents that part of the human psyche that looks for ways to tackle threats that are there but everybody is scared to acknowledge. Batman has created contingencies to take down every superhero on Earth, starting with his own teammates in the Justice League. His actions are not heroic in nature. Then again, Batman did not wear the mask to be a hero. He became the Caped Crusader to do things nobody would dare to.