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10 Most Iconic DC Weapons

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Although DC Comics do not rely too much weapons compared to Marvel, there is still no doubt that there are some of the most iconic and memorable weapons throughout the DC Universe. Some that are staples of certain characters and others that have been known to cause a great deal of harm and chaos to others. Furthermore, some of these weapons have been the core basis for majority of DC’s story arcs and conflicts throughout the comic book pages. These may not be the most powerful or strongest of DC weaponry, but they are among st the most memorable and iconic.


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Kryptonite (Superman #61, November 1949)


This shining crystal comes from Superman’s home world, Krypton. The crystals themselves could be classified as weapons as they are the weakness of The Man of Steel, among the fellow Kryptonians that fight alongside him. Kryptonite has also been weaponized and used for different purposes, such as the life source for the metal monster Metallo. An avid collector in Lex Luthor, has also taken the green rock and adapted it to be used for a vast arsenal of weapons to battle against Superman including an entire armored suit equipped with Kryptonite infused guns and ammunition. There are also many other colors to this alien asteroid that have different effects on kryptonians including red which caused them to become enraged, blue that can cure the effects of red, and platinum which can restore superhuman abilities.


Helmet of Nabu (More Fun Comics #55, May 1940)

Helmet of Nabu

A helmet created by the Lord of Order Nabu, when paired with the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny the holders are granted the powers of one of the most powerful sorcerers in DC Comics Doctor Fate.  The original wearer helmet came from Kent Nelson, who was a well-balanced sorcerer in his own right. Which is what makes this entry crucial to this list, as the helmet and doesn’t only grant powers to wearer, but it also enhances the abilities one might already have. Although there are many who would crave to have the powers of Dr. Fate, it is also a curse to have such a helmet. After putting on the helmet, your body is ultimately in control of its creator Nabu and it is only his choice that decides when it is removed.


Joker Venom (Batman #1, March 1940)

Joker Venom

To assist his ongoing quest to bring a smile to everyone’s face, Jokers venom toxin is a chemical compound that deforms its victims face into a terrifying smile. The chemical has also been known to be fatal to its victims, but has also managed to be controlled and even cured in some iterations. Jokers Venom comes in many different forms spanning from being a gas or liquid, the results end up being the same. Joker has also managed to create Joker Venom from just about any chemical he can get his hands on, even basic cleaning supplies that can be found in the janitor’s closet inside Arkham Asylum.


Mother Boxes (Forever People #1, March 1971)

Mother Boxes

A miniature supercomputer built on the planet New Genesis by the scientist Himon. These computers where created out of Element X (also known as Tenth Metal) which is said to be the purest thing to come out of the Dark Multiverse. Mother Boxes main purpose are usually to teleport beings from one location to the other through boom-tubes. However, other mother boxes have been known to have other purposes including energy manipulation to having the ability to heal others. In the comics, Darkseid (the rival to New Genesis and its leader High Father) have managed to create Father Boxes, which are a variation of the mother box that is given to the Dark Gods honor guard and is powered by anti-life.


Legion Ring (Adventure Comics #329, February 1965)

Legion Flight Ring

Worn by the members of the Legion of Superheroes, the Legion ring grants its wearers the ability to fly in atmospheric and intergalactic areas. Created by a metal known as Valorium, which is derived from Thanagarian Nth Metal, Valorium has the same anti-gravity abilities as the Thanagarian Nth Metal which is why it is the metal of choice for the Legion of Superheroes rings. Characters like Superman have been given a Legion ring during his time spent in the 31st Century, kept either cloaked on his hand or in his Fortress of Solitude. Anytime we see that gold letter “L” on someone’s hand, we know it will have something to do with the Legion of Superheroes.


Aquamans Trident (Adventure Comics #476, October 1980)

Aquamans Trident

Originally the Trident of Neptune (Trident of Poseidon in New 52), Aquamans trident has been a part of his character and history since the aquatic hero’s first introduction to comic books. The trident is known to possess many abilities including commanding of sea life, manipulating water and conducting electricity from it. It is also the King of Atlantis’s weapon of choice, as he is also mastered the tridents combat abilities to his advantage. Aquaman and his trident have played a crucial part for the character as it is a symbol that represents him as the true ruler of the oceans.


Lasso of Truth (Sensation Comics #6, June 1942)

Lasso of Truth

Originally when creator William Moulton Marston thought of the idea of a magic lasso for Wonder Woman it wasn’t intended to force people to tell the truth, but rather compel people to reveal their true emotions and in turn revealing their true feelings. It was later rewritten to be treated as a lasso that forces whoever is tangled in it to tell the truth. The lasso was created through Aphrodite’s girdle (Hephaestus from the Golden Girdle of Gaea in Post-Crisis), the lasso can span as far as 150 feet and is virtually indestructible. Paired with Wonder Woman’s speed and strength the lasso can act equally as a defense as well as an offense.


Nth Metal (Flash Comics #1, January 1940)

Nth Metal

Being at the fore front of DC Comics in recent memory, Nth Metal is one of the most well-known and powerful metals in the DC Universe. Found mostly on Hawkman and Hawkgirls planet Thanagar, and used to be the metal that created their iconic maces. Nth Metal has many abilities including flight, protection from other elements, increases the speed of healing wounds, and increased strength. Since the 2016 DC Reboot with Rebirth, Nth Metal has been discovered having originated from the Dark Multiverse and a weakness the Justice League have discovered in their battle against Barbatos and the Dark Nights.


Power Rings (All-American Comics #16, July 1940)

Power Rings

Fueled by willpower, Power Rings in DC Comics originated with the Green Lantern in 1940 and since has spawned off into multiple colors and emotions. The ring allows its wearer to generate constructs based on their thoughts and use to as a defense of a way to attack others. Power Rings colors and emotions include Red (Rage), Orange (Greed), Yellow (Fear), Blue (Hope), Indigo (Compassion), Violet (Love), Black (Death), and White (Life). Recently in comic book, we have been introduced to the Ultra Violet Lantern, which is fueled by negative emotions and rather than the power coming from a ring it instead forms a tattoo on its wear and expels power from the tattoo.


Anti-Life Equation (Forever People #5 November 1971)

Anti Life Equation

Introduced to comics by the late Jack Kirby, the Anti-Life Equation is the ultimate weapon sought out by the powerful Darkseid. Darkseid has made it his ultimate goal to possess the power of the Anti-Life Equation after he had discovered the first sign of it was made by the Martians on Mars in the form of the Life Equation. Quickly, he realized that with the Life Equation, there must be an Anti-Life Equation. Allowing the Anti-Life Equation to grant its user total dominance of any living or dead being, twisting and distorting their freedom. This is the way of Darkseid.


Batmans Utility Belt (Detective Comics #27, May 1939)

Batmans Utility Belt

Really, you could pick almost any hero or villains utility belt and it would have some of the coolest gadgets and tech that you could ever see. In this case however, we are going with the original utility belt with the Batman: The Dark Knight. With a vast array of tools from the classic batarang which acts as a boomerang to knock out weapons from enemies hands or incapacitate enemies, to the always reliable bat grapple which allows Batman to maneuver around Gotham City. The Utility Belt is a staple for the heroes that don’t have superhuman abilities, and will always be one of the most reliable and iconic weapons in the DC Universe.


These weapons have been the driving force for some of the best stories and the most memorable for our favorite heroes and villains. But what do you think of these items and devices? Let us know what other weapons we missed and what you think are the most iconic.

Written by David Moya

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!

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