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10 Most Savage Wolverine Suits

10 Most Savage Wolverine Suits

Definitely one of the most fashionable Marvel characters, let alone member of the X-Men. Wolverine has seen his fair share of costumes throughout his comic book years. From his original yellow and blue to Hugh Jackman’s leather ensemble in the films, we have loved the many different looks of James Howlett’s costumes as Wolverine. So let’s take a quick look at some of the raging mutant’s most badass and savage suits throughout small comics and big screens.

Classic Yellow and Blue (First appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1)

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While many might argue that this one is the definitive Wolverine suit, it stands with some pretty tough competition. However, there is no doubt that this one of Logan’s best. After Wolverine made his first appearance in 1974’s The Incredible Hulk #180, it was in the following year that Marvel decided to incorporate the character into the X-Men. Taking the already established color choices, they elevated it with larger pieces to the suit including a mask to help him stand out a bit more. This suit has also been divisive on if Hugh Jackman should ever dawn this suit, and while it was teased in a deleted scene of The Wolverine, it never came to fruition.



Ablation Armor (First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 6) #1)

Wolverines All New Marvel NOW costume

One situation writers love to put Wolverine in, is one where his powers are taken and is left without his healing factor. Which is exactly what happened in 2014 when the character was once again rebooted. Except this time, he lacks the ability to heal. This forces him to meet with Superior Spider-Man (an alternate Spider-Man where Doc Ock has swapped brains with Peter Parker and now fights crime with a much more ruthless approach), he asks the new web-slinger to make him a suit so powerful it could withstand a nuclear blast, thus the Ablation Armor is created. Allowing Wolverine to tear through his enemies the only was comic readers prefer.



X-Force (First Appearance: X-Force (Vol. 3) #1)


After the events taking place in 2007’s Messiah Complex, team leader Cyclops enlists Wolverine to form another mutant team for him to lead. Bringing together mutants such as Psylocke, Deadpool, Archangel, Fantomex, and E.V.A. to form a new team also meant time for a new suit. Ditching any yellows or blues, came a new black and grey costume. Useful for stealth missions, the X-Force suit quickly a favorite amongst fans. Not like there was another hero that didn’t already look good in greys or blacks.




Leather Jacket (First Appearance: X-Men)

xmenorigins wolverine

Featured in both X-Men and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but one thing that can’t be unsaid is how great they finally got his look in this film. While many fans were not very pleased with the original X-Men trilogy’s leather suit that Jackman wore, it was finally in Origins that we got the right amount of leather that belongs on our hero. Appearing first in 2000’s X-Men, it was shown in only a few scenes, it wasn’t until Origins where it was used throughout most the film. Keeping it classic with jeans and a leather jacket, the jacket sports a brown color with orange lines along it. Keeping it simple but also giving us something best suited for Jackman when playing this beloved character.



Age of Apocalypse (First appearance: X-Men: Alpha #1)

wolverine ses 10 changements de looks les plus radicaux age of apocalypse

In an alternate reality where Professor X’s son goes back in time to kill his father, the world is changed when the villain Apocalypse makes his appearance. Magneto puts together a new X-Men team, recruiting the raging mutant once again. Logan no longer dawns the name Wolverine, but instead what he was known for… Weapon X. After a battle with Cyclops, Weapon X loses his left hand and instead replaces it with a metal covering. Also ends up sporting a dark blue bodysuit with red markings.




Old Man Logan (First Appearance: Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #558)

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Another alternative version of this iconic mutant. In a world where supervillains have overthrown superheroes, Logan is forced to go into hiding to protect himself from being exterminated. With a buzzed head and grey beard, Old Man Logan favors a similar appearance to our previously mentioned Origins suit. Wearing jeans and a brown jacket, Old Man Logan keeps it simple. However, the storyline has become favored so much by fans that so has this iteration of the character. Going as far as being the inspiration for Hugh Jackman’s look in the 2018 film Logan.




Asgardian Armor (First appearance: Fear Itself #7)


When Wolverine has to face off against the Serpent’s elite vanguards and agents of destruction, the Worthy. Wolverine joins forces with Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Red She-Hulk and Spider-Man to form the Mighty. Created by Iron Man with the permission of Odin to access Nidavellir forges, Wolverine dawns a black armor with volcanic cracks in it. A suit just as powerful and stylish as his Ablation Armor. Unfortunately the suit had to be returned to Nidavellir after the defeat of the Serpent and melted down. While we would have loved to see this suit used more throughout comics, it was still something special to witness at its time.



Undead (First Appearance: Secret Avengers #33)

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In yet another alternate reality, Logan became the Lord of the Vampires. With the all the same additional abilities of a vampire as well as their weaknesses. Wolverine for once actually dawned a cape, also there was a major change to the color scheme that we are use too. Instead of yellows or golds, we got an iteration of Wolverine in Blacks and Reds. All of this combined together, made for perhaps one of the coolest looks at Wolverine that we have seen yet.




Weapon X (First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #79)


As we have seen earlier, nothing beats the classics. And we don’t just mean the age of comic books, but rather the age of the character. One of the most recognizable looks for Wolverine comes from his experimentation that turned him to the metal mutant we know and love today. Offered the chance to enhance his power by William Styker, Logan takes on the procedure to turn his bone claws into metal claws. Rendering him basically indestructible and deadlier than he was already. With the mechanical visor and basically nothing else, this look of Wolverine has been accurately portrayed in the film X-Men: Apocalypse with the brief cameo by the mutant.



Ultimate (First appearance: Ultimate X-Men #1)

ultimate wolverine fog

In 2001, Marvel made the decision to reboot its iconic characters into a new universe. With writers such as Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar the Marvel universe was a fresh start. With the new team behind the characters came fresh designs for the characters. With Wolverine it was decided to remove the mask entirely and give him a dark blue suit and yellow linings along the costume while also sporting a small red x patch on his chest. Many other iterations of the Ultimate suit has been done over the years and incorporated in all kinds of media, including the 2000 animated series X-Men Evolution.

Written by David Moya

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!