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10 Movie Sequels That Came Out Too Late For People To Care About.

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Movie sequels are just like a double-edged sword which can either blacken the image of the original movie or either it can help build a good franchise that will lead the producers and directors to make millions. Each and every movie that is produced has a window of opportunity to have a follow-up but the risk of failure the movie will face depends on how much time will it take to be on the big screen after the release of the first one. There were a lot of movies that got the window to make a successful franchise and jumped right into it like the Harry Potter franchise which made millions due to its amazing sequences or The Twilight Movie Saga was also a great success. But there are these movies on the list that didn’t took the opportunity and took a long gap for their sequences only to pay a huge price.

#10 Basic Instinct 2 released in 2006( This Movie had a gap of 14 years):

Basic Instinct 2 2006

#9 Tron: Legacy In 2010 ( It had a gap of almost 28 years):

Tron Legacy 2010

#8 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps released in 2010( This movie had a gap of 23 years):

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps 2010

#7 Independence Day: Resurgence Release In 2016 (Had a gap of 20 years):

Independence Day Resurgence 2016

#6 Dumb and Dumber To Released In 2014 (Had A gap Of 20 Years):

Dumb and Dumber To 2014

#5 Zoolander 2 Released In 2016 (had a gap of 15 years):

Zoolander 2 2016

#4 The Rage: Carrie 2 was Released In The Year 1999 and (Had A Gap Of 23 Years):

The Rage Carrie 2 1999

#3 The Godfather Part III Got Released In 1990 and (Had a Gap of 16 Years):

The Godfather Part III 1990

#2 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Released On 2014 and (Had a Gap of 9 years):

Sin City A Dame to Kill For 2014

#1 Psycho 2 got on the big screen in the year 1983 and (it’s sequence was released 22 years later):

Psycho 2 1983


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