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10 Movie & TV Dialogues We Never knew Were Hidden Pop-Culture References!!

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Many movies and TV Shows sometimes insert dialogues that are actually hidden references to other fictional shows and movies. They go by so fast that we never get to understand what they meant. After paying close attention, we have compiled a few of the most famous ones and the secret meaning behind those cryptic words.

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The Matrix – Mr Wizard, Get me the Hell out of Here

pop culture matrix

In The Matrix, after Neo was being pursued by the Agents, he asks his crew to get him out. He is heard saying “Mr Wizard, get me the hell out of here.” This is a reference to the popular cartoon show from the 1960’s – Tooter Turtle. In the show, Tooter would be transported into another dimension by the lizard magician Mr Wizard. Tooter would later ask him to get him out after he screwed things over.

Nice Guys – To the Birds

pop culture nice guys

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play two anti-heroes on a mission to find the truth behind a massive conspiracy. The movie will always be remembered for having unconventional comedy as its center-piece. At the end of the movie, we see the two heroes share a drink at a bar where they say “To the Birds” as they gulp down the celebratory peg. The phrase is actually meant to point to the surnames of the two heroes – Crowe and Gosling. The ending dialogue was cryptic and fans were left confused why they said what they said. The answer came right when the credits rolled.

Rick and Morty – You can call me Earnest Hemingway

pop culture rick and morty 1

In the sixth episode of the first season of Rick and Morty, Beth saves the day by shooting a bunch of cronenberg monster creatures with a shotgun. After seeing his wife in action, her husband Jerry gest sexually aroused and says that he wished the shotgun was a pe***s. To that Beth replies that if it actually was what Jerry wished it to be, then he should call her “Earnest Hemingway”. This is in reference to the death of the popular poet Earnest Hemingway. He died by suicide. The way he went was by putting a shotgun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. That is some dark humor right there.

Scrubs – Ridiculous Name by the Way

pop culture

Scrubs is a show that rubbed off on a lot of us when we were teenagers. It was eccentric and comic as hell. Courteney Cox, otherwise known as Monica Geller in the hit sit-com Friends, plays Doctor Cox in Scrubs. In one of the episodes, Doctor Maddox hears her name and says that it is a very “Ridiculous Name”. The joke about her surname will end up becoming a running gag throughout the show. But here’s the thing. The writers who came up with that line were actually trying to poke fun at the real name of Courteney, not her character’s surname. They wantonly used the same surname for Courtney’s character in the sow. The running gag was that her last name sounded pretty much like male genitalia.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – I am the Master of my Fate

pop culture master of my fate

In the not so popular fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Hector Barbossa is no longer a pirate. He is now a subject of the British Royalty and works as a Captain in their navy. After being confronted by Jack Sparrow, he reveals that he has lost a leg and his ship to Blackbeard. When questioned further, Barbossa says “I am the Master of my Fate”.  The line is symbolic. It is taken straight out of Robert Henley’s poem Invictus. Henley had lost a leg and replaced it with a wooden stub. He was a very charismatic fellow who was also the inspiration behind the creation of the character of Long John Silver, the pirate thief in the classic tale Treasure Island.

Girls Trip – Let’s SET IT OFF

pop culture girls trip

Queen Latifah has done a lot of quirky comedies in her lifetime. In the movie Girls Trip, Latifah stars alongside Jada-Pinkett Smith. The movie is about four friends trying to reconnect and find their lost friendship by taking a random trip to New Orleans. During the movie Tiffany Haddish could be heard saying “Come in b*tches! Let’s SET IT OFF!!” This is probably in reference to the movie Set It Off, an action crime thriller that also starred Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah in pivotal roles. They played bank robbers in the latter movie. The reference to that movie is uncanny and a bit surprising no one actually got in the first time.


oop culture digimon

In the Digimon saga, Vandemon is one of the most endearing characters of the Digital World. In one of the episodes, he is dead set at trying to open the digital world and lead a path to the real world. To do so he needs to open a portal. The incantation he needs to say for the portal spells – Tlon Uqbar, Orbis, Tertius. The spell has to be said in that exact same order. Little did we know that the incantation is actually borrowed from a story written by Jorge Luis Borges of the same name! The spell is actually used to turn ones dreams and ideas into reality. Digimon just referenced a classic tale from the older times and none of us managed to notice.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Where Did Captain America Learn To Steal a Car?

pop culture winter soldier

In the movie, Steve Rogers manages to steal a car by him-self. That is no easy feat for Steve Rogers. Black Widow is taken aback by his feat and asks “Where Did Captain America Learn to Steal a Car?” There is actually a reference within that line. Black Widow was referring to an older Marvel Movie which also featured Captain America. Steve Rogers used an unconventional approach to steal a vehicle. He stopped the car and pretended o be sick. When the drive came to him out of concern, he ran towards the car, locked the door, and drove off.

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Simpsons – Grandpa Simpson’s Two Non-Consecutive Spankings

pop culture simpsons

Jokes about Grandpa Simpson’s age are a running gag in the Simpsons show. In Episode 2 of The Simpsons titled “Bad Neighbors”, Grandpa Simpson claims that President Grover Cleveland has spanked him on “Two Non-Consecutive Occasions”.  If you are not a fan and follower of American Political History, let us tell you a story. President Cleveland is one of the few Presidents of the United States that managed to sit in the Oval Office for two Non-Consecutive Terms as President. Not many other heads of state have such a feather on their cap.

Community – “Now he’s a meat head”

pop culture community

Community is still heralded as a cult classic by many new age fans of situational comedy shows. In the first season of the massively popular series, Pierce is heard saying something intriguing. He calls out Anthony Michael Hall’s Character, claiming that he “used to be a nerd, now he’s a meat head.” Anthony Michael Hall shot to fame after starring in the legendary 1980’s movie The Breakfast Club. What Pierce described Anthony Michael Hall’s character is something that fits the latter’s role in the popular movie. While some eagle eyed fans realized the reference, many didn’t and only got to know about it after watching the show’s re-runs.

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