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10 Movie Villains Who May Have Been Right All This While

As they say, no one was born evil; it was the situation that turned them that way. And in some cases, we might simply consider someone bad when they are not on our side. Not all bad guys see themselves in such light. Some of them could be heroes of their own story. It might sound crazy right now, but don’t judge so soon before looking at things from their perspective. Of course, nothing can excuse their malicious acts, but for now, let us just take a look at their reasons from a different angle. These are the 10 movie villains who may have been right all this while.

Mystique in X-Men

Mystique grew up as a victim of abuse and hatred for being different from the majority. She wasn’t born a villain but being rejected by the society pushed her to the edge. No wonder she left Xavier to join Magneto in his mission against the non-mutants. At least, she could now embrace her true self rather than hiding it.

Principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ed Rooney was the dean of Ferris’ school and the ultimate villain who was obsessed with ruining the young boy’s day. His actions, such as breaking into a student’s house leave no room for excuse. However, we still tried to give him benefit of doubt. Ferris was a student in Rooney’s school who was not only low on attendance but was also flunking in every subject.

Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz

Out of all the names on this list, you weren’t expecting this one. The Wicked Witch was a childhood horror who threw the young Dorothy in great dangers. But the witch would have minded her own business had Dorothy not killed her sister and stolen her slippers.

Steve Hadley in The Cabin In The Woods

Steve Hadley had orchestrated horrendous crimes by sending young children and teenagers into their doom. He was actually stuck in a moral dilemma, which means, any course of action would have deemed him as the bad guy. Steve was bound to sacrifice his victims to serve the ancient ones. Choosing to do otherwise would have put the lives of trillions of people in fatal danger.

Jack Doyle in Gone Baby Gone

It’s easy to paint Morgan Freeman’s Captain Jack Doyle as a bad guy for kidnapping Amanda McCready. His actions did lead to many deaths and catastrophe in the city. But Doyle meant no harm to the young girl. He only wanted to provide her with a better future because of her negligent parents.

Roy Batty in Blade Runner

If you recall carefully, Roy Batty never had a vendetta against mankind. It’s understandable why humans saw the Leader of Cyborg with combat skills as a threat. But Roy had no intention to cause harm to anyone, that is until he was provoked. All he wanted was to live a little longer and humans were getting in the way of that.

Dalton Russell in Inside Man

Dalton Russellonly had one goal- to lay his hands on the evidence against the chairman of the bank. No amount of ransom or threats could have deterred him from revealing the chairman’s collusion with the Nazis. Of course, it’s hard to look at his intentions when we are distracted by his torture over the hostages.

Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Brad Pitt‘s Tyler Durden was the alter ego of Jack and a completely different person of his own. Tyler was wild, dangerous, unpredictable, and definitely not the kind of person you’d want to be around. He was the fun element in the story but also a nightmare for Jack and everyone else. Tyler had no control over his impulses and went on to torment ordinary people and damage public property. But he was just a manifestation of Jack’s frustration and wanted to rescue innocent workers from the shackles of the corporates.

Ozymandias from Watchmen

Ozymandias aimed to establish world peace by banding the United States and the Soviet Union against a common enemy. Yes, he went too far in achieving his goal. He sacrificed millions of people in the process by detonating nuclear reactors and there is no forgiveness for that. But in exchange, he successfully brought the cities and countries together to stop nuclear weapons.

Captain Victor Tupolev in The Hunt for Red October

It’s natural to put Soviet Captain Tupolev in a negative light because of his ties with the rival nation. The same can’t be said when we consider the matter from his perspective. He is only trying to serve his people and is, in fact, no less than a hero for that country. Yes, he was focused on destroying the Red October and killing his friend, Ramius for his treason and the enemies in the process. And it’s easier to write him off as cold for that act. But Captain Tupolev knew that no one else would have killed his fellow officer with the respect that he deserved.

Written by Ipshita Barua