10 Movies Disney+ Has Censored

Disney+ has censored a nude shot in the 1986 movie Splash. Splash, which stars Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, is the newest addition to Disney’s movie catalog. However, fans have pointed out that the streaming platform has censored a film sequence in which Hannah’s butt appeared nude during the original movie.  

What Disney+ did to censor the scene in Splash

What Disney+ did to censor the scene in Splash
Tom Hanks in a still from the movie

Splash released in 1986. Tom Hanks starred as a man who falls in love with a mermaid in the film. Disney+ officials have censored Daryl Hannah’s nude rear using a mix of CGI effects. They covered up Hannah’s butt as she jumps into the water. Also, Disney also carefully made her hair longer to conceal a greater amount of her posterior as she remains close to Hanks’ Allen Bauer character in the movie. It is certainly not the best CGI work by Disney. However, the decision to censor the nudity must have been taken in haste.

Movies censored by Disney+

Movies censored by Disney+
The 1994 film Lion King

Disney has had a history of censorship regarding movies. Famously, the movie Aladin was also subject to the company’s censorship. The Arabian Nights song in the movie features a dialogue that is clearly insensitive. The dialogue goes as  “Where they cut off your ear, if they don’t like your face.” The home video release of the movie did not include the said line. The Disney movie Rescuers featured a naked woman for a fleeting moment. The sequence occurs as the characters Bernard and Bianca fly past at a very high speed. However, you won’t find the woman on the movie version posted on Disney+. In The Little Mermaid movie, a scene involving a wedding priest was removed to avoid questions related to the priest’s moment of excitement.

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Similarly, the movie Adventures in Babysitting featured the use of the F-word in its theatrical release. But the version posted on Disney+ replaced the F-word’s usage with a less offensive word. Reddit users also point out some racial slurs used in 1967 Western The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin were removed before its arrival on Disney+. A scene of Stitch hiding in a dryer was edited to Stich hiding behind a pizza box in the Lilo and Stitch movie. The message was to let children know that dryers were not a safe space to hide.

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One of the most notable censorship reported being done by Disney+ was related to The Lion King. In the original release of the movie, the dust particle seem to be forming the word ‘sex’. However, this scene is absent in the Disney+ version. Also, Disney cut the infamous casting couch comment in Toy Story 2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit also was subject to censorship. A scene involving a character Jessica’s underwear being visible, suffered edits after its arrival on Disney+. The new scene gave her a fully covered sketch.

History of Disney’s censorship

History of Disney's censorship
Disney has a family-friendly image

Recent events regarding Disney’s censorship on its Disney+ platform is hardly any surprise. The company has been doing this for quite some time now. Disney has often removed specific references or made changes to movie scenes. However, these steps maintain the family-friendly image of the multinational entertainment firm.   

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