10 Movies So Controversial They Are Outright Banned All Over The Globe!!

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Movies are the mirror of society. They tell us what is happening in the world through the power of stories.


But sometimes they do go overboard. And when they do, judgment awaits them all.

A Clockwork Orange


The movie represents violence in a way that people will feel like it is romanticizing blood and gore.

The tale involves a super violent lead hero that takes his gang called the murderous “Droogs”, through a bloody rampage across the city.

The protagonist is then captured and the Government chooses him as the test subject for an experimental rehabilitation program that if successful, will be conducted on a large scale to bring down the national crime rates.


A Clockwork Orange’s violence was so enticing that many gangs started doing copycat crimes of the scenes depicted in the movie, resulting in the movie being banned in many circles.

The Blue Kite

Released in 1993, the Blue Kite tells the story of a young boy growing up in the tumultuous times of 1950’s China during the peak of Mao’s Communist Revolution.


The Blue Kite was banned by China for obvious reasons. It derides the Chinese Communist Revolution and shows the hardships faced by Chinese Citizens because of the Chinese Government’s draconian policies back in those days.

This movie took literally ten years to be made.



Now this is a movie whose success story could also be turned into a movie.

The name Borat is short for Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

The titular protagonist is a Kazakh reporter. He travels to the United States to spread the glory of Kazakhstan to the whole world but ends up being seduced by the American Culture and is now hell-bent on marrying Pamela Anderson.


Almost all Arab Countries except Lebanon have banned the movie. Russia limited its release in their theaters. Kazakhstan itself banned the movie for the wrong misrepresentation of their nation.

It’s success in America later convinced Kazakhstan to overturn the ban and it is now legally available in the nation.

Cannibal Holocaust


One of the most racist movies available, Cannibal Holocaust is basically rhetoric on what happens when the “White Man/Savior” meets the “Uncivilized Societies” that lay beyond America.

A New York University Professor heads to the Amazons to find out what happened to a film crew that has been found to be missing.

The Film Crew was making a documentary on cannibalistic tribes in the Amazon rain-forest. The footage that the NYU Professor finds within the wreckage of the Film Crew’s camp is horrifying and deafeningly violent.


Fat Girl

Fat Girl is a French movie with its actual name as À ma sœur!

The movie Fat Girl is an odd tale of romance and erotica. There are two sisters. One is slim and extremely sultry. The other sister is well as the name suggests, out of shape and not as attractive to look at.


Elana is the more attractive one. Anais is the quintessential fat girl. Both are adamant on quenching their sexual desires during a vacation.

The movie grossly misrepresents teenage sexuality. It is also infamous for its extreme sex scenes which are why it is restricted by world authorities from being watched by adults.

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS


What is it with Hollywood and Explicit Content? Even if they were Nazis, they were still women? Hollywood’s history with female objectification knows no bounds.

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS is its most blatant example. Played by Dyanne Thorne, Ilsa is a Prison Warden and Doctor. She pretends to be very helpful to the women in the concentration camp she is running but she is actually picking them one by one for her cruel experiments.

Ilsa wants to prove that women are just as biologically and mentally capable of front line warfare as men. And she is ready to go to any extent to prove it. The Film was banned in Britain, Australia, and Norway.


Love Camp 7

Love Camp 7 was released in 1969. And it has achieved a Godlike Cult Status. Love Camp 7 rode the ‘Nazisploitation’ wave of the 1960s.

The German War Machine had created a camp where Nazi Officers could retreat and have a good time with the most beautiful women Europe has to offer.


Two allied spies were tasked with infiltrating this camp and rescue a scientist held captive there. The movie has extremely cringe-worthy sexual undertones that will make even a kid that has not even hit puberty puke.

Not any country gave it the certification for a release. The movie is still banned in New Zealand. The movie’s uncut version got a release only 15 years ago.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian


Month Python movies are generally seen as parodies and most of them end up becoming cult classics like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Monty python’s Flying Circus.

Monty python’s Life of Brian was also supposed to be a jab at mythology and religion with light humor.

But as literally any movie that tries to poke fun at religion would have it, Monty Python’s Life of Brian also faced some really harsh obstacles when it premiered.


Brian was born on the same day as Jesus Christ was, and he was born on the stable next to Jesus’. All his life Brian has been mistaken for Jesus.

The movie was banned in multiple Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden. Britain and France had also halted its release for quite some time.

Song of the South


This movie was what inspired the Splash Mountain Themed Attraction at Disney Theme Parks all over the world.

It even has an Oscar to its name. The movie is narrated by an old African American Story Teller who tells the tale of Brother Bear, Brother Rabbit, and Brother Fox to some young toddlers.

Song of the South may or may not have been made in good spirit but the message it delivered was vile. The issue was that the movie was trying to paint the racial history of African Americans in the United States in a good light which is absolutely not the case.


Song of the South garnered so much hatred all over the world that Disney decided to recall all prints, with the original print being stored within the Disney Vault forever.

Disney was scared that it might hurt its family-friendly image.

Hail Mary


Jean Luc-Goddard is one of the pioneers of the French New Wave Cinema. He is already a figure of massive controversy within the French Film Industry.

His greatest controversial work is Hail Mary, which perfectly combines Blasphemy and explicit content – a perfect recipe for disaster.

Hail Mary is the tale of the Virgin Birth but within a modern premise. The movie is banned in Brazil, Australia, and many parts of Europe.


The critics have claimed the movie to be a cinematic masterpiece. It is the way in which it was presented that led to its ban.



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