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10 Must Know Details About Snydercut Revealed During Justice Con

The Justice League Snycercut is making all the waves and for all the right reasons this time of the year. The coronavirus pandemic has reduced the movie making industry to absolute smithereens. If everything had gone according to plan, then 2020 would have been the year of Superheroes. Many high value superhero projects were shelved. But thankfully Zack Snyder came to our rescue with the news of the Snydercut finally coming to HBO Max. Here are some interesting facts about Zack Snyder’s Version of the Justice League.

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The Run Time

The Actual span of the movie that was Zack Snyder’s version is way longer than what you saw in the theaters. The Snydercut is a whopping 214 Minutes long.  That makes it more than three hours long. The Snydercut will make you watch the screen for three and a half hours. It also supposedly has all the deleted footage assembled together for three hours of pure awesomeness. What is even more staggering is that Zack Snyder reveals the Assembly Cut of the movie is more than five hours. That is some pretty incredible runtime Mr Snyder. Hope you have outdone yourself.

None of Whedon’s Scenes will be used

Zack Snyder hates the Whedon Cut of Justice League to the core. That is why he has not watched it yet and has no plans of doing so in the future. Had he watched it, he may have had a thing or two to say about it. He has gone on record to say that had he had a chance, he would rather burn the movie than watch it. Snyder hated the fact that Whedon took some of his best work and turned it into a hot pile of crap. He does not want the Snydercut to have any connection with the Whedon Cut.

The Wonder Woman-Lois Lane scene

After Snyder left and Joss Whedon took over, he mutilated the Snydercut beyond human comprehension. Using his signature formulaic techniques, he brought down the authenticity of the DCEU and its tone. Justice League was supposed to be DCEU’s swan song. Whedon made it look cheap. That is the reason why fans started campaigning for the Snydercut. Deborah Snyder reveals that there is a scene where the two lead women of the film – Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, have a heart to heart. Scenes like these are the reason why we all love Zack Snyder. He gives detailed attention to the human element. Whedon’s version was just an unforgivable abomination.

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Whedon’s Mistreatment of the Cast

A lot many actors are coming forward to reveal just how abusive Joss Whedon is towards the people starring in his movies. The actor who plays Falcon in the MCU – Anthony Mackie has also given similar comments. Ray Fischer, Cyborg of the Justice League, claims that working with Whedon was like walking into a pit of fire. He said all the comments he made about Whedon were true and he is ready to go the legal way and fighting in the court if Joss Whedon decides to file a case against him for unwanted slander. Now that is one scene we would have wanted in the Snydercut. Justice League vs. Joss Whedon – that does sound poetic enough.

The Flashpoint Connection

It was not explicitly stated in Justice Con. Though what we know so far gives us a good idea. The Flash movie, which is about to be released in the near future, has its roots embedded deep within Justice League. The Snydercut will branch out on the Knightmare sequence. It will give us a taste of the Flash time travelling to the past and trying to change it, unwittingly affecting the future timeline in a major way. There is a scene where Cyborg actually fails to isolate all the three Mother-boxes. So the Flash has to run back in time to give Cyborg a second shot. The Snydercut will show us that in all its glory.

Martian Manhunter is Set to Appear

Zack Snyder was active on Vero after he left the DCEU. There he shared several crucial data points for the Snydercut. One of them was that the hero Martian Manhunter, one of the original members of the Justice League from DC Comics, was supposed to appear. Martian Manhunter was supposed to be in the form of Martha Kent while talking to Lois Lane in a particular scene. He would then change his form to General Swanwick, revealing that he had been around all this time.

Could be Released as a Series

HBO Max is known to pull such stunts to gain loyal repeat followers giving them a consistent viewing rate. The Snydercut is so long that it could be broken down into individual parts, each becoming an episode. Zack Snyder had claimed that his original choice was for the cut to be released in Episodic Format. That would mean we would only be able to see a part of the movie when it releases. The next part will be released at another time. HBO Max might be trying to pull a Game of Thrones on us. Things might get uglier if the Snydercut is not released in full.

Grave Humor

Okay we don’t actually mean it literally. Remember the Flash and Cyborg were tasked with digging up Superman’s Grave? There was more to it than what the theatrical cut showed us. There were moments of pure humor. Snyder claims that the scenes were hilarious and he was “visibly surprised” at seeing those scenes being edited out of the movie by Whedon. The scene also included Wonder Woman and Batman. The Snydercut will show us all those legendary frames. It is a pity Warner Brothers let Whedon do as he pleased during Post Production. Who n their right minds would not have wanted to watch that?!?!

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The Movie is Yet to Have a Title

You heard it right folks! The Snydercut officially does not have a title. It is informally referred to as Zack Snyder’s Justice League by the crew. The fans call it the Snydercut. But the official title is yet to be announced. The Studio obviously will not call the movie as Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It will have to be called something else unless they want to get into an expensive legal battle with DC Comics and the Creators of Justice League. Given the fact that they just got out of a tiresome court proceeding they were involved with against the grandchildren of Superman’s Creators, we don’t think they will not rename the title.

Will Green Lantern be in it?

This is still just a rumor. Ryan Reynolds, who played Green Lantern in the infamous movie of the same name, took to social media to share some really cryptic messages. Snyder has also been very elusive when it comes to questions of the Green Lantern in the Justice League. Cinematographer Fabian Wagner has stated that there are way too many scenes in the Snydercut that could act as a “History Lesson” for the nerds and the geeks. That is all the information we needed. The Green Lantern is all but confirmed to make an appearance.



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