10 My Hero Academia Characters That Would Make Great Avengers

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My Hero Academia has many powerful characters. While some are already pro-Heroes, some aspire to become one. What if MHA and MCU existed simultaneously? Which MHA character do you think would make it to the Avengers?


All Might

How could we not include All Might in this list. The greatest hero to have ever lived in the MHA universe is an absolute force of nature. Before his injury slowed him down considerably, All Might was the strongest being in the planet. His quirk – One For all, turns him into the anime version of Superman. in his prime, it was said All Might’s strength had no upper limit. He could go as high as he wanted. With inhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability, All Might had the power to decimate an entire city block with a single punch. He would most definitely have become an Avenger if he was there in the MCU.


Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami is probably the strongest student of U.A after Midoriya and Shoto. His quirk – dark Shadow makes him a powerhouse. It emits a shadow entity from his body that grows in power the darker it gets. In total darkness, Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow also poses the risk of growing to a gigantic size and then going berserk. Even multiple Pro-Heroes would have trouble dealing with Tokoyami in full power. His intelligence and composure make him a valuable ally as a Pro-Hero and certainly are important prerequisites for becoming an Avenger.

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Tenya Iida

Hailing from an elite Pro-Hero family, Tenya Iida is one of the smartest students of Class 1-A. He is disciplined and hardworking, that make him a good ally and team mate. His quirk Engine allows Iida to run at incredible speeds. The Avengers do not have a speedster in their midst. They could certainly find one in the form of Iida, who uses his quirk to quickly outmaneuver his opponents and hit them quickly with powerful kicks from their blind spots.

Shoto Todoroki


A child prodigy, Shoto Todoroki was an experiment of sorts. His father Endeavor wanted to ‘create’ a son that could surpass All Might, something he never could. Shoto’s quirk is Half Hot Half Cold. A perfect combination of his mother’s ice generation quirk and his father’s fire manipulation quirk, Shoto is a master at controlling fire as well as ice. With enough training, Todoroki can become one of the strongest Avengers to ever exist.

Eijiro Kirishima

He is a fan favorite. Class 1-A’s Eijiro Kishima is considered one of the most promising up and coming heroes of the next generation. It is a combination of both his wonderful quirk and his attitude towards life in general. Eijiro’s quirk gives him the ability to harden his body at his personal disposal. Eijiro’s quirk was constantly ridiculed early on for being very rigid and useless for a Pro-Hero aspirant. he has proven everybody wrong with his perseverance. If Kirishima is pushed to his limits, he unleashes his Red Riot Unbreakable form – and that makes him an unstoppable force of nature.


Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata is the greatest student of U.A. he is the closest one has ever come to imitate the skills of All Might, the world’s greatest Pro-Hero. Mirio’s Permeation quirk was one of the hardest quirks to master. But despite all odds stacked against him, Mirio showed just how much of a force of nature he became after mastering Permeation. Permeation allows Mirio to phase through objects at will, making him virtually untouchable in hand to hand combat. Even without his quirk, Mirio is an incredibly talented close combat fighter. In terms of sheer skill and power, no MHA character comes close.

Bakugo Katsuki


Bakugo Katsuki’s quirk carries tremendous offensive advantages. extremely brash and arrogant, Bakugo is a genius. He aims to become the number one Pro-Hero and surpass All Might. And given his growth trajectory, it does not sound like he is overreaching. Bakugo’s explosion quirk allows him to generate nitroglycerin from his hands. He could then use the nitroglycerin to generate explosions ranging from extremely small to humongous in terms of blast radius. An absolute monster when it comes to strength, Bakugo would make a very powerful Avenger. He would always jump into battle head on. Imagine if Bakugo was present during the Battle For Earth in Endgame.

Tsuyu Asui

A rather frequently overlooked character, Tsuyu Asui has a pretty powerful quirk that makes her one of the most versatile and strongest students of Class 1-A. With the abilities and skills of a toad, Tsuyu Asui has a prehensile tongue that can catch hold of objects and hurl them across huge distances. She can spit acid from her mouth and an expert swimmer. Her keen battle sense and agility maker her an asset. Tsuyu Asui would make a great Avenger if given a chance to grow and work with the team.


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Mezo Shoji

The Avengers have many team members that do not have the flashiest of abilities. Heroes like Black Widow have very little to add in terms of offensive power. But not all heroes need to. Some are just really, really good at stuff the heavy-hitters will never master. Espionage and reconnaissance is where Natasha excels in. And so does Mezo Shoji. His quirk allows him to alter the shape and physiology of his appendages. He can have extra hands, or extra ears, eyes, and noses. Shoji’s quirk makes him an incredible battle coordination expert, his appendages literally serving as eyes and ears of the Avengers fighting elsewhere.


Shota Aizawa

Eraserhead is a man who likes keeping to himself. And he has done pretty well as of now. The homeroom teacher of U.A’s Class 1-A is not to be taken lightly. His lazy and uninterested demeanor is all but a façade. When push comes to shove, Aizawa unleashes the wrath of God on his enemies. Eraserhead’s powers allow him to cancel out the quirk of his enemies. All he needs to do is make eye contact. In the MCU, is ability would come in extremely handy in trying to contain powerful super-villains and rogue superhumans. The Hulk would never go berserk. The Hex Anomaly would have been ended by Aizawa in an instant.

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