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10 Of The Most Badass Supervillain Tattoos Of All Time

“I Like Villains More Than Heroes, Because What They Say They Do”.

We all know that superheroes are an essential part of the comic books, and as are the heroes important, so are there arch-nemesis, aka the Super-villains.
A villain is a barbaric nasty, person involved in committing crimes and hurting innocent people to spread his reign of terror all around to gain fame, money, and can sometimes be a personal satisfaction.
These villains are the main reason a superhero is born to stop their crimes and to make the earth a better place by protecting its people from these villains and their goons.
But we all know that these villains are a vital part of every story.
Imagine if these villains were all dead, or put behind bars.
Then what would are superheroes be without them?! You see, it’s like Tit for tat.
There has to be stability between the good and the Evil.
Not all of us like Superheroes.
There are a few who adore these villains more than the superheroes.
Because according to them, these villains dare to do what they say they would do.
For example, if we talk about The Clown Prince of Crime, aka Joker, is the arch-enemy of the dark knight and a massacre of the Gotham City.
There are a lot many fans who have inked themselves with their favorite supervillains.
Sounds Spooky…
Let’s hop into it to have a look by ourselves.

1. Magneto:

2. Mystique:

3. DR. DOOM:

4. Carnage:

5. Red Skull:



8. Thanos:


10. Joker:

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