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10 Of The Most Phenomenal John Constantine Fan Art That Might Amaze You


John Constantine is an anti-superhero and wizard that has appeared in the American comics along with its standby imprint comics Vertigo.
Created by Rick Veitch, Steve Bissette, Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, and John Ridgway and John Totleben.
Constantine made his first emergence in The Saga of Swamp Thing issue no. 37 and has since then been a part of the DC universe.
So who really is John Constantine?
Well, Constantine is a proletariat sorcerer, a detective who’s master in black magic and is also a con-man who stays in London.
He is famous for his endless mistrust, lifeless snarking, and ruthless cunning and constant chain-smoking habit.
But eventually, Constantine is also a temperamental kind, driven by a heartfelt desire to do something good in his whole life.
Constantine has been played by various famous artists like Keanu Reeves.
Who played the character in 2005’s Constantine movie and by Matt Ryan in a show with the same name that was released from 2014-15 and then in CW’s DC Legends of Tomorrow.
Thus the character gained a lot of popularity due to these famous actors and ended up making several die-hard fans.
These fans have created some of the most unique fan art that might amaze you.
Sounds interesting…
Let’s hop into the list compiled by FandomWire to have a look by ourselves.

1. Cartoonish Constantine:


2. City of Demons Constantine:


3. Matt Ryan’s Constantine:

4. Constantine Doing Magic:


5. Two Demon Hunters In A Bar:


6. Where Is The Spell!!


7. Bloody Demons…

8. When You Are Super Angry:


10. John Constantine from Earth-27:

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