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10 Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

10 Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of formidable superheroes and villains. Thor, The Hulk, and Captain America are such rare characters in the MCU, and it is hard to compete with them. Unfortunately, the characters in comics and movies have grown too powerful, and they must be reined in. Here are some Overpowered Marvel characters that should be nerfed.

1. Uatu the Watcher possesses abilities that transcend knowledge.

Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

“What If…?” showed Uatu in its episodes. Having seen all and knowing all, he is the expert. Yet, despite his infinite knowledge, he is androgynous to the point of indeterminacy since he has never learned anything. 

2. The mastermind behind the events in the Loki Disney+ series, “He Who Knows.”

Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

He is believed to be “Kang the Conqueror.” There is no uncertainty to him, at least in the universe he calls “the sacred timeline.” The series reveals his new version after Sylvie kills him. However, if what he claims is true, the character may be too over-powered to be defeated.

3. Dormammu rules the Dark Dimension as an interdimensional monster.

Avengers Endgame Unused Script Teases The Return Of Dormammu.

By temporarily forcing Dormammu into a time loop, Dr. Strange defeats him, and he departs. Nevertheless, the threat continues, and the Infinity Stones have been destroyed. As a result, the heroes may have trouble the next time they meet him.

4. The traces of chaos magic left behind by Wanda enable the formerly dead Vision to return as the White Vision.

Where Did White Vision Go in the WandaVision Finale?

During the fight, he knocks out Wanda’s Hex Vision for a short period. Fans can only look forward to what this powerful incarnation of the character has in store.

5. Using the Yellowjacket suit, Hank Pym attacks the Avengers in retribution for the death of his daughter Hope.

Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

The Marvel comic books say that he can eliminate every Avenger, including Black Widow and the Hulk. Loki overcomes him quickly, but without the God of Mischief, defeating him could be impossible.

6. Thor is a deadly combatant, no matter where he goes.

How Thor's Ragnarok Transformation Changed The Entire MCU

When Thor possessed both Stormbreaker and the Mjollnir, he seemed unbeatable. They both seem to be the most potent weapons in MCU. But, after he loses his brother and his people, he is filled with rage and agony. However, MCU already tried to nerf Thor in Endgame. 

7. “Hulk is invulnerable to death.”

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The inner Hulk refused to let Bruce Banner kill himself, as he said in Avengers. Also, Iron Man has said that Hulk is the strongest Avenger. As a result of his superhuman strength, speed, and durability, he became a gladiator on Sakaar. It was he who managed to reverse Thanos’ actions after surviving the snap.

8. Even without the Time Stone, Dr. Strange is very lethal.

Benedict Cumberbatch Agreed To Become Doctor Strange Under One Condition

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, he appears to have the power to wipe Spider-Man’s identity from everyone’s minds. The magic of Doctor Strange seems almost limitless, much like the magic of Scarlet Witch.

9. Among the women who can stand toe to toe with Thanos, Captain Marvel is one of the strongest. 

Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

As a result of the Space Stone, Carol Danvers can perform various tasks. Flying, traveling in space, projecting energy, and having super strength are the powers Carol has. She becomes even more potent after going binary. Her contribution to Tony Stark’s victory over Thanos was crucial.

10. Wanda was capable of destroying the Mind Stone and nearly defeated Thanos on her own. 

Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf

As a result of her grief, she alters perception itself in Wanda-Vision. We can only expect Scarlet Witch to gain more power as an actual “nexus entity “after learning about the Darkhold. Also it is the Mind Stone that gives Wanda her access to tremendous power.

So this was our list of 10 Overpowered Marvel Characters MCU Needs To Nerf. Did we miss any of your Favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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