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10 Perfect Ideas For FATWS Post Credits Scene

With the final episode of FATWS about to stream in a while, it is time to talk about potential Post Credits scene ideas. These are the best of the lot.

The Rise Of Leviathan

From what we know so far, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is gearing up for something big. In the comic books, Valentina was a double agent working within SHIELD. Her true loyalties were with a Russian agency called Leviathan. Leviathan was a direct competitor of HYDRA for global domination. Both were evil and SHIELD fought the two on various occasions. Now that HYDRA is no longer in the equation, it is time for Leviathan to take charge. Instead of an individual big bad wolf like Thanos, Leviathan could become the next super-villain for the MCU.

Thunderbolt Ross Appears Along With The Thunderbolts

General Thunderbolt Ross made his first MCU appearance in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. * years later, Ross appeared again in Captain America: Civil War. he is now a government stooge. After learning how the superheroes of the MCU have run amok, he may lead the charge to set up a new government sanctioned team. This could help set up the entry of the Thunderbolts into the MCU. Basically Marvel’s version of DC’s Suicide Squad, the MCU already has many established characters for the team. Zemo, the Abomination, and the Vulture come to mind.

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Shuri Makes An Appearance (A Prelude To Black Panther 2?)

Bucky has a big hand (no pun intended) in creating a connection between the show and Wakanda. Florence Kasumba and the Dora Milaje have appeared in the series. Wakanda is a huge part of the series because of Zemo and Bucky’s connection to the African Nation. Marvel may choose to exploit it even more. After Chadwick Boseman’s passing (May his soul rest in peace), the MCU needs a new Black Panther. Shuri has already been the Black Panther in the comic books. It only seems logical that Marvel uses the FATWS post credits scene as a platform to launch her into the mantle.

Isaiah Bradley Reveals Himself To The World

It is in Falcon And The Winter Soldier that we get to know the tragic story of Isaiah Bradley. Born as an African-American man, Bradley served in the United States Armed Forces. He was used as a guinea pig by America to recreate the super solider project. Bradley was the only viable success. Despite him going above and beyond to fulfil his duties as a soldier, he was wronged. He was wronged because of the color of his skin. The world does not know his story because America is trying to hide its shameful past. FATWS has been quite vocal about racial inequality. The post credits scene might show us Bradley coming out of his house and deciding to meet The Daily Bugle’s J Jonah Jameson. He intends to share his side of the story to the world. Isaiah Bradley is no longer scared.

Weapon X

After Steve Rogers went missing, America lost a vital asset. The United States tried everything they could to create another super soldier just like Rogers. They were successful at times. But they were all more or less flukes. Humanity was yet to develop a stable method to mass-produce super soldiers, a concept they had obsessed over well into the 21st century. In the comics, the most well-known method to have consistently delivered super soldiers is the Weapon Plus program. And the most lethal asset they had ever produced was Weapon X aka Wolverine. The debut of Weapon Plus in some form would be a definite prelude to the rise of mutant-kind in the MCU.

Hawkeye Appears, Setting Up The Hawkeye Series

Black Widow is getting her solo movie. Hawkeye, another phase One character from the MCU, is getting his solo series of the same name. Clint Barton was a staunch ally of Rogers, Barnes, and Wilson. He sided with Team Cap during Civil War. Since he is a rather grounded character, it would make sense if Jeremy Renner appears in the Post credits scene. It would be a good marketing vehicle. They could up the ante by even introducing Clint Barton’s apprentice Kate Bishop in FATWS post credits sequence.

An Elderly Steve Rogers Comes To Give Sam Wilson Advice

The one name that has been mentioned dozens of times in each episode of FATWS is Steve Rogers. And yet he is nowhere to be found. The script mentions him so many times but Rogers not coming up in the show does not make any sense. The First Avenger is not dead. he is old but he is still alive and kicking. Sam Wilson has struggled with the notion of a Black man taking up the role of Captain America. Now that he is all but ready to do it, he might need some starting advice. The post credits sequence might involve an elderly Steve Rogers and Sam sitting on the same bench where the former gave the latter the Shield. It would be the ultimate FATWS post credits scene.

Enter The Green Goblin

Falcon And The Winter Soldier has shown us the dark underbelly of the Marvel criminal underworld. The nation of Madripoor is just the beginning. There are so many players with skin in the game. Starting from powerful mob bosses to greedy capitalist businessmen, there’s no end to potential gluttony in the MCU. Talkin of greedy businessmen, one certain name comes to mind. Norman Osborn is a classic Spider-Man villain, better known as the Green Goblin. He might be one of the many people after the serum. In the comics, Osborn was obsessed with creating super soldiers to sell to the highest bidder. Including him might also be a harbinger of things to come. *cough cough* Dark Reign *cough cough*

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We Get To Know Who The Power Broker Really Is

He is the mysterious villain who started it all. The reason the Flag Smashers came into being in FATWS is because the Power Broker hired Nagel. Nagel created the super soldier serum, giving Karli and the rest near super-human physical attributes. The identity of the Power Broker has been a closely guarded secret in the series. An ongoing theory states that Sharon is the Power Broker. But others claim it will be a new character and Sharon might be working for this person. The identity of the Power Broker could be the what the FATWS post credits scene shows us.

Skrull Cameo (Major Character Was A Skrull All Along)

In 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw that Skrulls now occupy major positions within the planet. Under orders from Fury, Talos and his people masquerade as humans to keep their cover intact. In WandaVision, Monica Rambeau meets a Skrull shape-shifter, who says Nick Fury has been wanting to meet her. That was clearly a prelude to secret Invasion, a highly anticipated MCU series set for release in 2022. FATWS could follow the same route. A major character in the show could be a Skrull all along. Our money is on Sharon Carter. Since Fury is in space, he might have required his allies to be near him. Having Sharon around makes sense. So he left a Skrull to play her role on Earth. while the real Sharon is out there with Fury.

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