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10 Pictures That Show How Superheroes Have Changed


There have been times when superheroes have been re-imagined in various movies and TV shows, but our superheroes remain the same iconic symbol of courage, justice, and hope. As people having been evolving since the dawn of time so is our technology and special effects used in making several amazing movies, and due to that our superheroes have also been getting a good update regarding their costumes and suits.

Most of the iconic costumes of our favorite superheroes have changed during the course of time. However, there are some whose costumes haven’t been changed that much. Here are ten pictures of Superheroes and how they have changed their costumes as compared to their original versions. Sounds interesting let’s pop into it then!

#1 The Incredible Hulk 1978 vs Now:


The 1978 Hulk was a well build-up man with mostly green body paint and hair dye in green color but now it’s mostly CGI.

#2 Thor 1978 vs Now:


Thor had furry shoulder pads in 1978, but in 2017 he ditched them for a red cape.

#3 Superman 1948 vs Now:


Superman has gained some muscles since his first debut in 1948.

#4 Batman 1943 vs Now:


Batman has gained a lot of muscles since his first debut in 1943.

#5 Catwoman 1966 vs Now:


In 1966, Catwoman wore more jewelry, but when she was played by Anne Hataway, she stayed with the more classic design.

#6 Wonder Woman 1975 vs Now:


Her suit currently looks more like an armor than it was back then, and her crown’s triangle is also flipped.

#7 Captain America 90’s vs Now:


Cap’s suit was more of a cobalt blue in color back in the ’90s, as compared to his navy suit now.

#8 Supergirl 1984 vs Now:


The CW version of Supergirl looks very similar to its 1984 counterpart.

#9 Doctor Strange 1978 vs Now:


Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange shares the same mustache with his 1978 counterpart, but his costume is more ostentatious.

#10 Spider-Man 1977 vs Now:


Nowadays Spider-Man’s eyes are smaller and less reflective than what it used to be in 1977, but his overall look has always endured.


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