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10 Fan Art Pieces Illustrating Iron Man Armored Versions Of Superheroes

One of the most admired and admittedly good-looking superhero suits ever made in the Marvel universe are of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Across time there have been many majestic armors made by Tony Stark in various comic books and movies making him popular among everyone.

These incredibly awesome designs does not only fit on Iron Man but other heroes as well. This has been proved by several artists who have put some of the most popular heroes in the iron suit, with the suit’s embedded lights, shiny surface, and thick metallic plate covering. It would be awesome to see powerful other superheroes would become if they were assisted by the gadgets, strength, and flight this suit will provide them. So we’ve compiled 10 of these fan art pieces illustrating Iron Man armored versions of superheroes and we hope that you will enjoy having a look at them.

1. The Flash By Spider Maguire:

2. Green Lantern By Samuel Iniguez:

3. Black Panther By Hk Artworks:

4. Groot By David Swanson:

5. Wolverine By Crispincjb:

6.Thor By Nega SW:

7. Deadpool By Saad Irfan:

8. Captain America By Young Kim:

9. Wonder Woman By Marton Adam Marton:

10. Batman By Kode LGX:



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