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10 Popular Movies That Look Like Video Games

10 Popular Movies That Look Like Video Games

Everyone loves playing video games and watching movies. The heart-stopping action scenes and the adrenaline rush they give make us feel like we are living inside it. In this age of technology, gone are the days when visual effects are of low quality. Everything seems real now, even in movies.

There are a lot of selections when it comes to live action adaptations and there are movies that look like video games. These movies don’t necessarily originate from console games but they just give off that vibe. Here are some popular films that gaming fans will enjoy watching:

Alita: Battle Angel

 Alita Battle Angel Movies Video Games

Everyone should expect this movie on the list because it absolutely looks like a video game. In Alita: Battle Angel, cyborgs and humanoids coexist on the planet. Cyborgs are armed with skills and abilities to help them blend in and survive the environment they are in.

Based on the Japanese manga created by Yukio Kishiru, Alita: Battle Angel is a great choice for fans who love anime and manga series. The film oozes with stunning visual effects and the plot will keep everyone hooked.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One Movies Video Games

One of the most visually astonishing movies of 2018, this movie offered real graphics goodness. Everything about the visual effects, from the characters down to the production design, makes one feel like looking through a pair of VR.

The film received a lot of praises and fans are clamoring for a well-deserved sequel. It is a complete package film; there are action, drama, comedy, and futuristic themes. Ready Player One is one of the best movies for energetic video games lovers out there.

Ender’s Game

Enders Game

Asa Butterfield plays the role of Ender, a genius fated to save the world from the inevitable alien invasion. His extraordinary intelligence brought him to train to fight off these bad guys.

Ender’s Game is a book adaptation that offers its viewers a spectacular film experience. Dystopian movies like The Hunger Games were popular during the time of the film’s release. While both titles include the word ‘game’, Ender’s Game definitely looks more like a video game.

Pacific Rim

 Pacific Rim Movies Video Games

One of the best movies of 2013, Pacific Rim delivers what a mecha movie should: giant robots fighting aliens with all the science stuff and military strategies. The Jaeger pilots are soldiers trained to fight and defeat Kaijus, the monsters living in the Pacific area. It needs two pilots to maneuver one Jaeger, thus requiring a neural handshake or so-called ‘drift’.

The sequel to the film did not live up much to the hype of the first one but it’s worth a shot. The original lead characters did not reprise their roles but some familiar faces are still present in the sequel starring John Boyega.

Tron: Legacy

Tron Legacy

This old but gold classic movie is one of the earliest films to show the audience that creating visual effects is a serious business. The futuristic style of the film is really astounding despite the year, which is 2010. The story follows a young boy who explores the world of computer programs. Sounds too geeky?

Since the film is full of computer-generated effects, there will be too many lights and stuff that could make the viewers dizzy. Other than that, a true fan must watch both the first and second Tron movies for a one-of-a-kind movie experience.

Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu

The movie revolves around 21-year-old Tim Goodman and his search for his missing father who happens to be a private investigator. Tim and Pikachu embark on an adventure filled with fun and thrill.

This film stars the one and only Mr. Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. The visual graphics is stunning on its own, as if one feels like playing Pokemon Go. How fun it is to watch Pikachu, a character everyone grew up with, on the big screen!


Wreck It Ralph

One might wonder what it is like to live in a video game world. This movie is literally the answer to that query. Ralph and Vanellope live in an arcade game and together, they beat the villains and the hardships that test their friendship.

In a video game world, there is always the dark side that people don’t normally see. The evil lies within, as they say. But there are also the fun and exciting parts, like the cameo scenes of Disney’s Princesses and Sonic the Hedgehog.



It would be really scary when one day humans find out that the video games they used to play as kids suddenly come to life and wage war against them. One can never survive if Pac-Man just out of nowhere smash buildings or Galaga just started shooting at them. How are humans going to defend themselves?

The production design is just really crazy and it brings back memories of childhood. It is an entertaining movie to watch for laidback days. One might also have the need to revisit old games and see if they still can win at them.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Movies Video Games

There isn’t anything better than ladies donning steampunk costumes in an old Victorian-inspired asylum and fighting bad guys using big guns to make their way out. Sucker Punch is a cult classic, if fans can call it that way, because it’s one of the films with original concepts.

The storyline can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing but that’s the point of it. They are trapped inside the prison and they try to escape. The movie definitely looks and feels like those video games where the characters enter different levels of difficulty and they save the best for the boss stage.

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending Movies Video Games

The trailer of Jupiter Ascending immediately told the fans that it is a movie set in outer space. The cinematography is just oozing with computer graphic effects that the film looked like a space video game from PlayStation.

Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis starred in the movie set in a galaxy-themed premise. The fight scenes are breathtaking, although some moments can get overwhelming because of the too-saturated CGI effects. Other than that, the film is worth watching for viewers looking for pure entertainment.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.