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10 Potential Disney+ X-Men Solo Shows That Could Be Marvel’s Answer To The Mandalorian

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The X-Men will finally be making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They will obviously have a presence in Disney+ as well. If they ever want to simulate the success of The Mandalorian, these are the characters Marvel Studios should be banking on.


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Like Din Djarin, Cyclops is a capable tactician and fighter. People tend to not take him seriously because of his less than stellar appearances in live action movies. That has been one of the greatest flaws of the X-Men movies. They have absolutely decimated the legacy of Scott Summers. When he is not chasing blondes, Scott Summers leads the X-Men out of nearly impossible situations. Putting him front and center in a solo Disney+ series would help redeem his reputation. Maybe he becomes embroiled in a battle against a sinister organization who is trying to get their hands on an Omega-Level Mutant toddler? We are just shooting arrows in the dark here.


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The reason we put Jubilee on this list is pretty straightforward – she is just a fun character to begin with. Her ability is not that great. Her X-Gene gives her the power to shoot fireworks out of her hands. But she has had some amazing character development. Jubilee was bitten by a vampire, turning into a blood-sucker. This only gave her more depth as a character. While The Mandalorian’s lead character was a rough and rugged bounty hunter, Marvel could do the same with the fun loving and carefree Jubilee. The formula could be different but it would surely work.

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He has been a long time member of the X-Force. It was only a long while later that he found his way into the primary X-Men team. Right after he was inducted into the X-Men, he was caught in the crossfire of a Shi’Ar conspiracy. Warpath has seen his fair share of space-faring adventures. He has been to different dimensions and fought alternate reality versions of the X-Men. For now, Marvel Comics has forced him to become a supporting character. But the guy could easily become take up a lead role in a solo series. Maybe the series could focus on a cat and mouse chase between Warpath and the mighty Shi’Ar Empire.


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Marrow was once seen as a cheap knockoff version of Wolverine. She has become much more than that now. Her abilities give her an enhanced healing factor and her bone claws and armor give her an edge in close combat in terms of both offense and defense. In the Nineties, the writers at marvel did not know how to deal with the character. So they gave her a violent personality she used to mask her own insecurities regarding her appearance. Making a Marrow solo show would pave the way for another under-used Mutant team to surface in a live-action setting – the Morlocks.


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You may have never even heard of this name. But trust us when we say this – this kid is perfect solo series material. David Alleyne had the power to mimic the skills and knowledge possessed by others when in close proximity to them. after losing his powers post the Decimation event, Prodigy now possesses the combined skills and knowledge of all the mutants he had encountered up to M-Day. This is a former mutant who is now a vast repository knowledge and skills. Prodigy is like the world’s greatest librarian with an eidetic memory and incredible close combat as well as survival skills. Given WandaVision is experimenting with Scarlet witch’s reality warping powers, having David Alleyne surface next in a show of his own makes all the more sense.


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Bishop was a huge deal back in the 90’s. Back then, mutant anti-heroes with a no mercy attitude were all the rage. And Bishop just clicked with the fans. Sooner than later, the writers did a blunder with the character. They made him go insane and try to kill Hope Summers. Bishop is yet to grab the spotlight again. There are a lot of similarities between Bishop and Din Djarin. Both come from a world that was destroyed and abandoned. Both have a child as the center of their interest. And both are going against insurmountable odds to change the future.


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All his life, Havok has lived under the shadow of his more famous brother – Cyclops. There’s so much this guy is capable of. The character is fun and very well-received among the fan base. It’s just that the writers at marvel comics do not know what to do with him. His stint in teams like X-Factor and the Uncanny X-Men have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt the promise Havok holds. Alexander Summers is the most stable amongst the three Summers’ siblings, the other two being Cyclops, who hijacked the Phoenix Force and killed Professor X, and Vulcan, the Omega Level Mutant Dictator of the oppressive Shi’Ar Empire.


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Chamber was a generation x graduate. When his mutant powers activated, it blew a huge hole in his torso. Most of his chest and his entire mandible were decimated by a blast of psionic energy, which now forms the bulk of his body. Left without a means to communicate verbally, Chamber resorted to telepathy. He was an interesting character with a very unique power and backstory. The problem was that the X-Men is full of telepathic mutants so Chamber was just another run off the mill character. His silent demeanor would make for a very interesting protagonist though. If only Kevin Feige was reading this list.

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Kitty Pryde

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One of the most criminally underrated members of the X-Men, Katherine Ann Pryde began her career as the ‘kid sister’ in every mutant superhero team. her ability of phasing allows her to simulate levitation. It also makes her a master spy and espionage expert. Add to that her martial arts skills and gifted intellect, she is a force to be reckoned with. More often than not, Kitty Pryde has enjoyed taking the lone wolf route. And if a solo series is ever made, we expect Mister Sinister, the Marauders and the Mutant Massacre story arc to drive the primary storyline.

Multiple Man

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He is indeed a man of multiple (no pun intended) talents. Multiple man has had a very short stint as a member of the X-Men. But if his role as the leader of X-Factor is of any indication, the guy is going places. All he needs is a chance. He is mostly used as cannon fodder in most storylines. It is time this highly under-appreciated character gets to shine. There were talks of James Franco taking up the role of Multiple Man in a solo movie. Since that project seems to have breathed its last in development hell, why not rope in Franco for playing the part in a solo Disney+ Multiple Man series?!?!


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