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10 Rare Times Simon Cowell Was Actually Sweet On Reality TV

Seeing Simon Cowell on TV on reality shows like American Idol, X-Factor, was often intimidating. The performers must feel this even more than the audience does. His experience in the industry and the expertise makes him a strict critic, but more often, we also saw his soft side. He was actually sweet and nurturing, and gave us some real wholesome moments. Here we have 10 rare times when Simon Cowell was sweet on a reality show. 

1. On America’s Got Talent a performer named Sara performed a rather beautiful act with her dog. While the other judges, Howie Mandel and Mel B, weren’t very impressed, Simon Cowell defended her and boosted her morale in the sweetest way possible.

Simon Cowell Rushes On Stage To Save Crying Dog Trainer

2. A participant named Lamont Landers performed a song on America’s Got Talent. After his performance, the judges asked him to come back with a different song. On hearing this, Lamont obviously felt hurt and disappointed so Simon Cowell made him understand the reason for this and even complimented his voice.

America's Got Talent Lamont Landers 10 Rare Times Simon Cowell Was Actually Sweet On Reality TV
Lamont Landers

3. Once on an episode of America’s Got Talent, a 11-year old girl, Ansley, participated in the auditions. However, she panicked when her performance was stopped by Cowell mid-way. But he helped her calm down and walked up to her and offered her his water, saying “it’s magic water.”

Ansley Burns10 Rare Times Simon Cowell Was Actually Sweet On Reality TV

4. In Season 15 of The X-Factor, a performer named Shan Ako brought the softer version of Simon Cowell in front of everyone. While talking about her performance he said, “Honestly, when I’m asked how can I do these shows year after year, it’s for moments like these.”

The X Factor UK Shan Ako 10 Rare Times Simon Cowell Was Actually Sweet On Reality TV
Shan Ako

5. Simon Cowell has proved to the audiences and performers, both, how important their role in the contestants’ journey on the show and their careers is. In Season 13 of America’s Got Talent, a contestant, Daniel Emmet, grabbed a top position only because of Cowell. He changed the rules of the show to let him perform a different and better-suited song.

America's Got Talent Daniel Emmet 10 Rare Times Simon Cowell Was Actually Sweet On Reality TV
Daniel Emmet

6. Many times the contestants attempt the auditions for several seasons and shows. Similarly, a performer named Panda Ross was auditioning for the fourth time in front of Cowell. He didn’t remember her at first but her manners made him recall. And once he did, he greeted her by calling her “an old friend” and by giving her a warm hug.

Panda Ross X Factor 10 Rare Times Simon Cowell Was Actually Sweet On Reality TV
Panda Ross

7. When Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger learned that Kelli Marie, a teen musician, feels insecure about her talent, they reassured her. They told her that she was indeed very talented and her personality is very likable.

The X Factor The Band Kelli Marie
Kelli Marie

8. He loved the performance of a four-year-old performer, Sophie Fatu on America’s Got Talent. He expressed his feeling of awe, by saying, “Was that really you singing? Because that shouldn’t happen, you’re not even supposed to remember the words, let alone sing like that with the key change and everything!”

America's Got Talent: Sophie Fatu
Sophie Fatu

9. There are countless performances in such shows that move you. Such was the performance of Monica Michael when she sang for her sister and got emotional during the performance. Her performance received a heartwarming reaction from Cowell. He said that it was people like her that encouraged them to do such shows, to find real talents.

X Factor Monica Michaels
Monica Michael

10. Cowell encouraged performers to perform better and show their real self to the audience and judges. When a contestant named Christian performed a song at an audition, Cowell suggested he sing something original. Christian sang an emotional song about his late brother. Cowell replied with a thank-you for showing their personal side.

Simon Cowell to be judge on Israel's The X Factor
Simon Cowell


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