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10 Reasons Comic Book Fans Hate The MCU Hulk

There’s no denying that when Marvel introduced the Incredible Hulk, the character wasn’t a fan favorite. But despite his turbulent start, he eventually grew on the fandom, one of the primary reasons being the part of the initial Avengers team.

However, Hulk’s popularity was short-lived, accredited mainly to the massive changes the character goes through in the MCU, impacting multiple storylines. These alterations have made Hulk less engaging to audiences.

10. Unnecessary Wardrobe Changes: What adds a touch of familiarity to the character of Bruce Banner for comic fans is his typical button-down shirt and trousers. Unfortunately, the MCU has a knack for unnecessary modernization, its newest victim being a Banner’s clothing style. The frat boy look just doesn’t suit a monster, and audiences have been very vocal about their disapproval.

A still of the Hulk from Avengers Endgame

9. Facial Features: Since Edward Norton’s blockbuster that introduced Hulk to the MCU, we’ve progressively seen significant changes in the facial structure of the monster. Instead of the gritty and scary face one would expect the Hulk to have, the CGI depiction looks like an oversized version of Mark Ruffalo, painted green, of course.

Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk

8. Cowering in front of Thanos: In Avengers Infinity War, we saw the inevitable clash between Hulk and Thanos. It was but obvious that Banner would lose at the hands of the terrifying titan, but portraying him as a coward who avoided another showdown was a dumb move on Marvel’s part.

Thanos vs Hulk

7. Falling for a Nursery Rhyme: Age of Ultron had one too many setbacks. One of them was that Black Widow uses a strange tune to calm Banner down, a scene meant to pursue a potential romance. The plotline was one, pathetic, and two, unnecessary. The nursery rhyme also made the monster a lot less intimidating, diminishing an essential aspect of his character.

A still from Age of Ultron

6. Black Widow and Hulk: While we’re on the topic of Black Widow, let’s address the weird dynamic between the two in the Avengers movie. Sent initially to recruit Banner into the Avengers, their interaction is limited until the Age of Ultron. The plotline has no setup and ends up becoming pretty annoying considering how things play out eventually.

Black Widow and Hulk

5. Running from fights: The Hulk is a character shown to take up challenges even if he is bound to lose. We see this in both Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War. That’s not even all the times he’s ditched his team and fled.

Why Hulk Left the Team in Age of Ultron

4. Best of Both Worlds: In Endgame, we witnessed the Smart Hulk, basically Banner’s brain in Hulk’s body. While it may have seemed like a smart move, this alteration made him less of a menace, ultimately leading to the character losing a lot of its complexity.

Smart Hulk

3. Hulkbuster Armor: Desperate to fight, when Thanos reaches Wakanda, Bruce tries his best to call out his inner monster. When his efforts go in vain, Stark hooks him up with the Hulkbuster armor to fight. The fight that follows may not be the worse, but it definitely wasn’t what fans were hoping for.

Hulk in Hulkbuster Armor

2. He wasn’t as feared: When we were introduced to the character of Hulk in MCU, he was an absolute terror. So no wonder Fury was adamant about having him in The Avengers. However, with time, he loses the initial ‘charm,’ becoming more and more docile.

The Incredible Hulk

1. No Betty Ross: The Incredible Hulk may not have been an incredible movie, but it did offer a lot to the MCU. Betty Ross was an integral part of that storyline. Having no mention of her in the MCU after this one movie doesn’t make any sense.

Liv Tyler as Betty Ross


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