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10 Reasons MCU’s Wolverine Will Be Unlike Any Other Superhero

Wolverine is the fictional character used by Marvel Comics. There are many unique things about Wolverine that stand out from the Marvel Superheros. Wolverine appeared first in the -men series and has gained popularity among fans alongside the Marvel heroes. He has broken the mindset of fans to look at superheroes. 

Superheroes’ costumes in the late 90s and early 2000s made a big difference for heroes to look different from the crowd. For example, in the X-men series, Wolverine abandoned the traditional superhero costumes of the entire black leather look and wore more ordinary clothing. 

Wolverine Look NOTHING Like The Comics
Wolverine in the comics and Movies

Wolverine’s claws are the most iconic feature that he uses. Unlike other Marvel heroes, Wolverine uses other weapons like the Muramasa blade. He has mastered many weapons that have helped him improvise in situations where enemies think he would use his claws.

Wolverine's Sword I Deadly Weapon
Wolverine with Muramasa blade

Superheroes kill and fight villains only in certain situations, but Wolverine is a killing machine. In comics and movies featuring Wolverine’s character goes after bad guys and hunts them down. 

Wolverine Killing Bad guysDeadly Mode on

Wolverine was already a hero before transforming into a superhero as he was saving the world. However, unlike other Marvel characters, he fought in World War II, participated in many Black Ops missions to protect the world from Soviet threats. 

Wolverine has appeared in more Marvel comics and movies than any other Marvel character. He has a comic book under his name. He has achieved three sequels and one Avengers book in the mid-2000s and four sequels in the 90s under his name.

Wolverine is a flexible and dynamic character that can fit into any story. His character can work well with a team of heroes and even alone. The Wolverine character is so versatile that it can be in any classic superhero story, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, spy stories, war stories, alternative universe stories,  and time travel stories.  

Wolverine became a member of the X-Men from the battle with the Hulk and became Marvel’s first great anti-hero. His “don’t take prisoners” method and moody attitude became a favorite of the fans. He is the only one that has defeated Hulk many times in the Marvel series. 

What is a superhero without heroic powers? Wolverine Claws are its most iconic features, but Marvel did something that amazed the fans in one of the X-men series. Marvel removed the iconic feature of claws, and Wolverine went out without it for years. Wolverine managed to top the sales charts, but he still was considered an icon without his powers. 

The Marvel Universe has three leading teams: The Avengers,  Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Unfortunately, no character has managed to create a place for himself in all three except Wolverine. Eventually, Spider-Man and Storm joined, but Wolverine was the first.

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s greatest heroes, and it’s not just what he did in the Marvel Universe. The growth and change of Marvel characters are quite rare in series and comics. Wolverine is an exceptional case, as he has gone from being a lonely person to being a perfect team player and a great team leader.


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