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10 Reasons That Prove Chris Hemsworth Is World’s Best Dad.

Fathers are very important, I cannot imagine my life without my father, and he really plays an important role in my life. He not only is the man who helps us to become what we are but also helps us emotionally, mentally and helps us in many things. One of the best things that has happened when these big, burly guys that are projected as tough men on screen turn out to be such big softies off-screen. They are projected like they will punch a hole in your face if you’ll stare at them, but instead are so adorable both off screen and from within. And that’s just because they have become fathers of Beautiful children’s. Take “The Rock” for instance, such a well-build and tough man on screen is a sweetie in real life. Along with the Rock in this category is Chris Hemsworth, Yes the all mighty God Of Thunder is strong and all, but when it comes to being a dad no one I repeat no one can beat how cool Chris is as a Dad. And we bet that these pictures of him having fun with his kids will definitely gonna make your day.

10. The Superhero Camp:

#9 That Love:

#8 When His Daughter Visits The Set:

#7 Nothing Better Than Sleeping In Papa’s Arms:

#6 Working Hard On India’s Birthday Cake:

#5 When His Daughter Told Him That She Wanted To Be More Like Her Brothers:

#4 The Family Who Trains Together, Stays Together!

#3 Watching Your Dad On TV:

#2 What A Wonderful Family Day!!!

#1 Everyday Is Father’s Day, Specially When We Have A Dad Like Ours!!


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