10 Reasons Why Invincible (Not Falcon & Winter Soldier) Is 2021’s Greatest Superhero Show

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With the finale of The Falcon And the Winter Soldier giving us a new Captain America and setting up the MCU’s future, every superhero fan is ecstatic as heck. But it is far from being the perfect superhero show. In fact, we believe FATWS is not even the best superhero show of the year. It is the Amazon Original animated series – Invincible.


Better Shock Value

This is where Invincible beats Falcon and the Winter Soldier by the hugest of margins. The very first episode delivers one of the most epic twists in the entire series up until now. Omni-Man, the benevolent superhero protector of Earth, brutally murders the Guardians Of The Globe. Other examples include Battle beast beating Invincible to a pulp and D.A Sinclair turning Rick Sheridan into a cyborg by lobotomizing his brain.


Sub-Plots That Are Just As Engaging

There are so few sub-plots in the Falcon And the Winter Soldier. The show has a singular approach, focusing directly on its main characters. The Winter Soldier and Falcon’s character development is given much thought. The plot seems monotonous at times, with no sub-plot arcs. Invincible succeeds here because it has so many different stories running at the same time. Omni-Man and Mark Grayson’s arcs aside, there is Atom Eve struggling to find her place in the world. Debbie Grayson trying to find out the truth about her husband. The robot is going through an existential crisis. Cecil and the GDA have their own battles to fight.

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Nuanced Take On Superheroes

Invincible has given us a better, more nuanced perspective on the life of superheroes. Omni-Man is a family man harboring deep and dark secrets of his own. Mark Grayson struggles to maintain his grades even though he can stop an asteroid in its tracks. Atom Eve has the power to literally change the world but she too realizes it is a task easier said than done. The Marvel series struggles in giving similar shades of plot overtone.

The Phenomenon Of Consequences


This is the one thing Marvel has tried hard and failed to explore. Whatever the Avengers and the other superheroes of the MCU do, it affects the whole world. No matter how big or small an attempt, it has global repercussions. When Sam did not take the Shield, it went to John Walker. His action may have created larger waves the show failed to show us. It could have strengthened the notion of white supremacy in the MCU, when people realize that only a blond haired, blue eyed white man is fit for becoming Captain America. That is just one example. Invincible has shown that even the smallest of mark’s actions could have horrible consequences. When he was going through a breakup and did not help his friend William find Rick, Rick ended up becoming a mindless cyborg drone. When he took things for granted on Mars, the Sequids took over the Red Planet.

Handles Social Issues Much Better

Falcon And The Winter Soldier shows us just how rotten and broken the system is in America. Nobody wants an African-American Superman. The Winter Soldier faces PTSD because of his past actions. Two very, very important issues. But Invincible takes a different approach. It handles issues like sexual orientation, racism, and gender equality in a much better sense. instead of making the characters play the victim card, the show champions their causes. Almost half of the core characters are people of color. The lead character is of Asian origin and his best friend is gay. The show has strong female characters like Atom Eve, Deborah Grayson, and Amber Bennett. Instead of just projecting the the issues, Invincible provides a solution – that our differences make us better.


A Lead Character That Is Super-Relatable

We are not saying Sam Wilson, a Black man, becoming the new captain America, facing the struggles of the real world, is not relatable. But by the end of the series, Marvel turns Sam into a larger than life figure. He is talking to world leaders, solving their problems for them. Mark Grayson is the son of the greatest superhero on the planet. He still got his butt kicked when he tried to take on enemies he thought could easily beat. More often than not, Mark Grayson faces epic, colossal failures because he is clueless how to move about his new life as a superhero.

Better Grasp Of Suspense In The Story


Early on in Falcon And The Winter Soldier, the Flag Smashers got into conflict with the Power Broker. The theory of Power Broker being Sharon Carter was prevalent. When the theory turned out to be true, everyone was like “Saw that coming from a mile away!!” When John walker lost it and killed a foreign national, everybody repeated that phrase again. When Sam Wilson became the new Captain America, it was all too predictable. Invincible has a better handle on the suspense element. The story involves the forces of earth understanding the true nature of the greatest superhero of Earth. There are so many plot twists and turns you may need a seatbelt. Because it may drive you right out of the edge of your seat.

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Creates A New Universe Rather Than Relying On Established Characters


The one thing Falcon And The Winter soldier could boast of was it was relying on a very well-established universe as a launchpad. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the world’s most profitable franchise. It has scores of characters that were well known throughout the globe. On the other hand, Invincible is based on a universe totally unknown to casual superhero fans. But it also happens to be its greatest asset. FATWS relies on stuff people are already aware of. There’s nothing interesting left to explore. Invincible on the other hand, has so much to look forward to the audiences would never be able to anticipate.

Introduces And Uses New Characters Well

Invincible has had little time to introduce new characters. The total issues are 144. So there’s a lot of ground to cover. And with so much ground and an entire universe to explore, it becomes difficult to juggle between new characters. thankfully, by fluke or by some sheer miracle, Invincible has done a very good job at creating necessary space for new characters. Allen The Alien, Battle Beast, Machine Head, Titan, and D.A Sinclair have been introduced early on. And it was not just lip service. Their debuts made impact to the overall plot of the series.


Robert ‘Freaking’ Kirkman!!

Invincible is based on the comic book series of the same name. Created by Robert Kirkman, it features a lot of violence, bloodshed, and dark, mature themes. Kirkman is a legendary figure in the comic book world. His greatest works include The Walking Dead and the acclaimed Marvel Zombies event. He also serves as the executive producer for the Amazon original series. If there is one thing we know so far, Invincible has stuck to the comic book source like a fly on flypaper. The comic book arc is considered one of the greatest of all time. With Kirkman onboard, Invincible is not only bringing the greatest comic book series of all time to life, it is setting a precedent for other shows of the same genre.

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