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10 Reasons Why Invincible Will Replace The Boys As TV’s Next Superhero Obsession

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In February 2018, one of the longest running superhero comic book series reached its climactic conclusion. Its been more than a couple of years since we saw Invincible and Omni-Man in action. Thanks to Amazon, we will see Invincible return again to the frontlines. And this time, the ultra-violent superhero action series is coming to Amazon Prime as an animated production. The last time Amazon dabbled in the superhero cauldron, we got The Boys. Will Invincible be any different? Definitely yes!! There’s a lot of reasons to consider the possibility that Invincible will not only replace The Boys but also reach even greater heights.

Its Absolute Unpredictability

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Invincible, as a story arc, will remind you of Game Of Thrones. No one was safe. Everything was liable to change in a second’s notice. We all put our eggs on the Omni-Man basket. It was only later that we realized that omni-Man is no Superman. he is not a hero but in fact the vilest of villains. This was followed by an epic battle. Omni-Man became a villain and Invincible never reset the status quo even when the series ended. There’s no telling who is good and who is bad in Invincible. The comic book promises that things will keep changing from one arc to another and that’s how the series will be.

Bigger And Better

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For all its amazing actors and storyline, the Boys never cared much for world-building. Most of the fights took place in limited locations. Invincible, as a series, will take things up a notch. The series begins with a group of teenagers trying to do good and help the neighborhood from criminals and master-thieves. As the status quo changes from one arc to another, this rag tag group is suddenly forced to evolve into an organization that fights cosmic level threats. The world of Invincible is incredible and way more diverse than The Boys could ever be.

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Violence At a Cost

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The Boys did a very good job at painting superheroes as pompous brats too full of themselves. All they ever cared about was money and fame. Invincible shows us an even bleaker picture. In this universe, when Superheroes and super-villains fight, everybody pays the price. The Boys never showed us the full picture of the collateral damage of their as well as the Supes’ actions. Invincible will show us that each and every action from a superhero has an impact. When Omni-Man threw a punch or a kick, entire buildings were obliterated. It is time we see the full picture.

More Diverse Characters

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You think about The Boys and you probably remember Billy Butcher or Frenchie. It’s easy to pick favorites in that show. But Invincible is a nightmare for people who like to side with their favorite choice. There are literally dozens of characters to choose from. You put ten Invincible fans in a room and odds are pretty high that none of them share the same favorite character. From alien leaders like Allen to stupendously absurd villains like The Mauler Twins, the comic book arc has a lot to offer in the name of entertainment. And like we said, death is very common and there’s no plot armor so one moment you fall in love with a character and the next moment you watch the character die.

Better Visuals

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The Boys had to project a very bleak story line. So they had to go with a grimmer and grittier tone. And it worked for them undoubtedly. But that will not be the case for Invincible. From its very beginning, the comic book arc focused more on the art than the story. We believe Amazon adapting the comic book story line for an animated production is for a reason. Because of the freedom given to the artists, the comic book arc has tons of moments that provide the opportunity for stupendously intricate visual. All the Boys offered us was blood and gore. Invincible will give us a diverse range of visual shades.

Representation of Death

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In The Boys universe, death could come and knock on your door at any point of time in the series. But the sheer tenacity and uncertainty of the element of death did not impact the way it was represented in the show. Death had almost no meaning in The Boys. It could be the death of a common bystander or even one of the members of the Seven and people still could not give a damn. In Invincible, death had a more metaphysical role to play. When somebody died, his or her death, no matter how insignificant it seemed, had a role to play in shaping the future.

Longer, More Engaging Plotlines

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That’s right. This is where Invincible is bound to score better than The Boys. The Boys had a fairly ensemble cast. As a result, the studio had to shell out a lot to keep them on their toes and in front of the cameras. Since Invincible is going to be an animated production, it really opens up ways for the series to stretch a good plot into a limit that really helps the audience get on board. There will probably be no skips or jumps. Unlike The Boys, Invincible will build its world slowly and steadily rather than force-feeding the status quo to us and leaving it to the audience to figure it out on their own.

A Family Tale

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The Invincible series focuses on the adventures of Mark Grayson. He starts out as a super-powered teenager. Soon he finds the truth about his father and a lot of adventures later, Mark Grayson and the people around him start changing. Many of his family members part ways with him while new ones come into being. The show might take us to the very far reaches of space but Invincible’s core story always revolves around its lead character’s family and how it grows. this makes the show ultimately very, very grounded.

Space – The Final Frontier

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The Boys, like we have pointed out earlier, had only a few limited locations to film its story. Invincible’s journey begins on Earth but we are soon taken to the far reaches of the final frontier. The Universe is where the life and times of Mark Grayson and the other superheroes take place. Unlike The Boys, Invincible actually manages to incorporate the cosmos into its vast storyline.

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It Has One of The Most Beautiful Endings

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Many shows and series do not know when to end. They either end abruptly or lose track of what they set out to achieve. Not invincible though!! It knows when to end and how to end it. Kirkman knew exactly how to begin and conclude the story line of one of the longest running comic book series of all time. By the time the series ends, the protagonist has developed to his prime and it is time to say goodbye rather than stretch his tale for gradually diminishing returns.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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