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10 Reasons Why the Nintendo 64 is the Best Console Ever


The Nintendo 64 was not one of Nintendo’s better-selling consoles, but it certainly has its fans. There are quite a few reasons why fans could consider it to be their best ever console, but, like always, that is subjective. These are a few reasons why the N64 could be considered the best console ever.

The Controller

The N64’s controller diverges from other controllers from its era. To make the controller even odder, there were three handles rather than two. Despite the controller’s odd design, it was a very highly innovative creation. The controller for the N64 was the first home console controller to feature a thumbstick. 

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N64 Controller

Multiplayer Options

The N64 knocked its competition out of the park with its multiplayer options. The N64 has four controller ports for multiplayer options, allowing the users of the console to enjoy their favorite games with friends. This created a more enjoyable experience for the player. 

N64 Controller Ports



The development behind the N64 was innovative and high-tech. Compared to its predecessors and other consoles of its era, this console was very advanced. The developers of this game put a lot of effort into its graphics and technology, improving the game and making it more enjoyable. 

Z targeting 28Ocarina of Time29
Link Z-Targeting in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ©Nintendo


One of the most important accessories to the N64 gaming console would be the 64DD. The 64DD is connected to the console and can be used to turn the N64 into a disk reader and expand its storage capacity. The lead designer at Nintendo claimed that the 64DD led to many more creations. Sadly, it never made its way to America and only was supported by a handful of games.

64DD Attached

N64 Games Had High-quality Graphics

Out of all the games released for different Nintendo consoles, the games released for the N64 had the most significant change in graphics. The graphics for the N64 are known for being the highest quality upgrade Nintendo had in any of their released consoles. 

Mario 64

Color Variants

The N64 Console became highly popular because of the variations of colors you could get a console in. These colors include yellow, blue, red, Gold, green, purple, light grey, and nearly black. These options when presented to players caused the console’s sales to skyrocket. 

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N64 Controllers

Made for 3D Graphics

The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo’s third console to be released, but it was the first console created to have 3D graphics. The games that the console was released with all had 3D graphics, and the N64 was designed to accommodate those games. The designers did not fail with this goal, seeing as the game’s graphics are known for their high quality for the time. 

DK27s Jungle Adventure Map
DK’s Jungle Adventure ©Nintendo

Quick Load Times

The Nintendo 64 used plastic cartridges rather than disks or CDs. This factor made the load times for the games released with the consoles faster than they would have been on disk. Due to this, the system’s popularity level increased significantly upon its release. 

61M2h4PXQL. SL1000
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Cartridge ©Nintendo

Expansion Paks

During its life cycle, the Nintendo 64 initially had 4 MB of Ram. This is very fortunate for the user of the console as it, but the designers didn’t skimp when making this console. The console could be expanded to 8 MB of Ram if the user of the console purchased an expansion pak. 

N64 Expansion Pak

Games Released

The games released with the N64 grew to be widely known fan favorites. These games quickly became popular, and many became known as “classics” of Nintendo. These games made the N64 more widely popular than it would have been, overall helping it hold up better. 

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Mario Party 1’s Cartridge ©Nintendo

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Written by Trinity Fulkroad