10 Scenes From Marvel Cinematic Universe Even Fans Didn’t See Coming

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Over the course of 12 years and 23 movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has undeniably reshaped our pop-culture universe. With so many movies released, every superhero fan has their own favorite character, scene, or movie. While superhuman flicks aren’t completely known for their amazing twists, Marvel has figured out how to overwhelm fans with each film delivered.


Unfortunately, 2020 is the first year that we haven’t been treated to a new MCU adventure on the big screen (WandaVision being pushed to 2021). Here we have compiled 10 shocking scenes from MCU that will make die-hard fans reminisce about the good times.

1) Thanos’ First Death – Avengers: Endgame (2019)


Within the first twenty minutes of the film, the Avengers find out where Thanos is hiding. They approach him, and suddenly he’s dead. All fans were absolutely shocked, no one expected that they would simply kill off this infamous villain so early in the film. However, this turn unquestionably stunned fans and was positively one of the most surprising scenes from the MCU.

2) “I Am A God!” – The Avengers (2012)

Each character had an altercation with Loki, aside from the Hulk, directly until the last piece of the movie. Loki, certain as usual, yells “I am a god! You dull creature!”, followed by getting smashed to pieces by Hulk. This scene became one of the most unexpected and hilarious scenes from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Every theater everywhere was rolling in laughter, and this notable scene remains as one of the most entertaining, primarily on the grounds that it was absolutely unexpected by the crowd.

3) The Mandarin AKA Trevor Slattery – Iron Man 3 (2013)

Fans who read the comics know how wicked and powerful villain the Mandarin is. He was introduced in the third installment of the Iron Man series, as a very powerful and merciless villain. As he was a threat, Tony Stark found his location and went to interrogate him. But what shocked the fans was that the Mandarin is nothing but a front, and he’s actually a pretty eccentric and terrified man.


This contort was similarly funny as it was stunning, and it’s safe to say that most fans didn’t anticipate that the Mandarin should be anything besides an eccentric character.

4) Hela Breaking Thor’s Hammer – Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Fans obviously expected a common superhero battle between Thor and his sister, Hela. She was constantly proving herself as a powerful character, but fans definitely did not expect her to catch Thor’s hammer and smash it to pieces in the palm of her hand.


This twist was definitely unexpected and made for an incredibly interesting plot where Thor lost his hammer to his sister.

5) Red Skull’s Reveal – Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

This scene was expected by the comic book fans, but it was definitely unexpected for the movie fans. Die-hard fans know the anarchy between Cap and Red Skull. This scene is one of the most intense from the MCU, and when Johann Schmidt uncovers himself to not be absolutely human, everybody in the crowd was somewhat shocked.


6) Quicksilver’s Death – Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

Marvel fans know that MCU is not known for getting rid of their superheroes, and this was exactly what the fans had in mind watching Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but shockingly Quicksilver gets trapped in the crossfire. Fans of this universe certainly don’t expect the good guys to meet their demise, but this scene proved everyone wrong.

7) Killmonger’s Victory – Black Panther (2018)


We all know that T’Challa is a very powerful and fierce superhero. In his solo movie, fans expected him to win every fight, but what caught them by surprise was Killmonger’s victory over him.

Shockingly, T’Challa tumbles off the waterfall, vanquished by Eric Killmonger. Truly, this scene was deserving of a head scratch, however, it absolutely remains as one that really astonished fans.

8) Captain America & The Hammer – Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)


This scene was a casual hilarious scene where every Avenger tries to lift Thor’s hammer, but fans were shocked to see that Captain America was able to move the hammer. The best part of this scene is certainly Thor’s reaction of shock, which mirrored that of everyone in the audience.

Clearly, all fans presently realize that Captain America is 100% fit for wielding the hammer, however, this scene shook us to our center and made us all shudder. Fortunate for Thor, none of the other Avengers even took note.

9) “I’m Still Worthy” – Avengers: Endgame (2019)


In Avengers: Endgame, No one saw this overweight and lonely hero coming back stronger than ever before, we are obviously talking about Thor here. This scene was probably more uplifting and celebratory than unexpected, but it certainly did shock fans by how powerful Thor truly is. This incredible scene certainly goes down as the one that had everyone cheering, and will probably remain one of the coolest scenes from the MCU for many years to come.

10) “I Am Iron Man” – Iron Man (2008)

This scene from Iron Man, was unexpected for the fans as well as the movie crew because this dialogue was improvised by Robert Downey Jr. No one expected Tony to be totally honest about who he is. This scene still gives us chills, no matter how many times we binge this amazing flick.


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