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10 Severus Snape Marvelous Pieces Of Fan-Art

“The Half-Blood Prince”- Severus Snape

Professor Severus Snape is one of the characters in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise.

 Snape is described as an extraordinarily skilled wizard, who is cruelly sarcastic and has controlled visible secrets and deep emotions and grief. 

As J.K. Rowling described in the Harry Potter books.

Severus Snape was an English half-blood prince, the only child born to Gobstones witch Eileen Snape and her husband, Muggle Tobias Snape. Snape was brought up at the Spinner’s End in the Muggle dwelling, where he met Lily Evans and fell in love with her, and they both became close friends. 

Later on, Lily and Snape both went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

There Snape was sorted in the Slytherin, whereas Lily went in Gryffindor, which became one of the reasons for their friendship to end. 

When Severus graduated from Hogwarts, he rejoined the school as a professor for the Defence Against the Dark Arts as well as the Potions Master.

Harry Potter fans know how Snape became one of the most faithful member Order of the Phoenix as well as the Death Eater. 

He played as a double agent in the Second Wizarding War to protect Lilly’s son Harry as Lord Voldemort had already killed Lilly and James due to the prophecy predicting Voldemort’s collapse and was trying to kill Harry. 

The Snape character in the movie series was portrayed by Late Alan Rickman, whose slow and beautiful voice has been admired and imitated by fans of all ages. 

Warner Bros. created the movie franchise based on the book written by J.K. Rowling.

As snape was shown as the most complex character, he was not liked much. But at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, we learn how snape always loved Lilly till his last breath and had ‘Always’ protected Harry. 

This made him a total fan favorite and gave many artists an inspiration to create some of the most iconic Fan-Arts. Let us all go through the list collected by us to see how complexed Professor Snape really was. 

#10 The Mysterious Man Art By Emmanation:

#9 The Potions Master Art By Kristina Vardazaryan:

#8 Young Severus Snape Art By SilentKW:

#7 Late Alan Rickman As Snape Art By kittrose:

#6 Regret Art By LiaBatman:

#5 Always Art By kaiser-mony:

#4 Young & Happy Art By Natello:

#3 Professor Snape Art By JaneMere:

#2 The Patronus Charm Art By Mioree-art:

#1 Hogwarts Portrait Art By ladynlmda:


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