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10 Shang-Chi Actors Who Should Become Recurring Characters Like Wong

10 Shang Chi Actors Who Should Become Recurring Characters Like Wong

Marvel’s new Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been a massive success in the box office. And rightly so. The movie ticks all the boxes, representation with the first-ever Asian American superhero on screen, a splendid plot slightly different from the superhero-in-the-making storyline we’re familiar with, and of course, jam-packed with action.

What really makes the movie stand out is the endearing portrayal of an entirely new set of characters. Simu Liu’s portrayal of Shang Chi and the supporting cast’s outstanding performance makes the characters relatable and memorable to audiences. Here are 10 actors we hope to see again on the silver screens.

10. Black Widow: One of the fights in Xialing’s club features one of the Widows amongst the fighters. While the movie isn’t linked to the central Marvel universe, the cameo may be a subtle attempt at world-building, especially since Yelena may be a central figure in the future arcs.

Shang-Chi Reveals What Became of One Black Widow

9. Wong: With his first appearance in Doctor Strange, Wong became an instant hit amongst fans. His appearance in Shang Chi and exceptional mystical powers suggest we’re likely to see him return in future productions.

A still from Shang Chi

8. Dweller in Darkness: Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings witnesses a climatic twist wherein audiences realize the antagonist Wenwu was manipulated by the Dweller in the Darkness. Wong’s appearance is proof that the Dweller is likely to appear in the MCU, setting the stage for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Shang-Chi Final Battle Concept Art Shows Dweller In Darkness

7. Ying Nan: The new guardian of Ta Lo, Ying Nan, is an integral clog in the storyline of Shang Chi. She helps Shang Chi understand his heritage and plays an essential role in his character development with her vast knowledge. Her intellect and maturity are sure to come in handy when dealing with the Dweller in the Darkness in the future.

A still form the movie

6. Morris: A faceless creature from Chinese mythology, Morris is the first animal sidekick to feature in the MCU. The dijiang befriends Shang Chi and guides him to Ta Lo.

A still form Shang Chi

5. The Mandarin: After the disastrous version Marvel gave us with Iron Man 3, fans were ecstatic to see a rendition of the Mandarin from the comics. Xu Wenwu makes the perfect villain, he’s terrifying, and he has a tragic back story. Unfortunately, his character doesn’t survive in the movie, but all hope is not lost. If Marvel stays true to the comics, we may see The Mandarin return.

The Real Mandarin

4. Abomination: It’s interesting to see Wong and the Abomination become allies after his defeat at the hands of the Hulk. Also, Bruce’s brief but the necessary appearance suggests that there may still be something in store for Emil Blonsky in the MCU.

The Abomination

3. Katy Chen: Katy Chen was undoubtedly a much-needed character in the movie. Portrayed as Shang Chi’s best friend, she remains a constant pillar of support, adding depth to his character and hers. By the end of the movie, she develops a knack for archery, leading fans to believe she may be part of Marvel’s phase four.

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings\

2. Xialing: The main plot of Shang-Chi revolves around the conflict between him and his father. As a result, many other side characters are left unexplored, one of them being Xialing. With her outstanding martial arts skills, she’ll be a great addition to future productions.

 After Credits Scene

1. Shang-Chi: One of Marvel’s best superheroes to date, Shang-Chi, has left a mark with audiences. Powerful yet relatable, Shang-Chi has immense potential, and it’s unlikely this will be his last on-screen MCU appearance.



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