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10 Shows We All Hate Deep Down That Have Surprisingly High Ratings

10 Shows We All Hate Deep Down That Have Surprisingly High Ratings 1

Surprisingly in the entertainment sector, a TV show‘s achievement is usually decided through its ratings, in addition, to how long it lasts. These shows have been both responsible for pleasures and failures which is strange. However, the shows enjoyed desirable rankings at some stage while they ran, just like these 10 shows. There’s an assortment of explanations behind this. Yet, on different occasions, viewers who like the show will recognize its imperfections. These are the 10 shows that we all hate deep down despite the high ratings.

The Big Bang Theory: The show presented a group of geeks who are science freaks with extrovert girlfriends. Some audience find it a little too overboard with the concept of depicting geeks. But, still, with twelve seasons, the show has been a very popular sitcom.

Big Bang Theory' Farewell Special Set On CBS – Deadline
The Big Bang Theory Cast

Fleabag: This TV show illustrates how to deal with grief in such a wonderfully camouflaged manner. Some find it absurd, chaotic, and self-destructive. q

Fleabag' Season 2 Review: How Its Fourth Wall Works and Falls Apart - Variety

How I Met Your Mother: Flashback narrative is the dominant style of this TV show. Ted Mosby, a father, narrated his love story to his children, surprisingly taking them through all the past events. But, the biggest disappointment is in the ending. It ruined the show when Ted rekindled his relationship with Robin.

How I Met Your Mother' Co-Creator Carter Bays He Wants To Edit, “Remove Certain Stuff” From Comedy Series – Deadline
Ted Mosby with his friends

Two and a Half Men: The earlier seasons of this TV series is spectacular. But as the TV series got old, it lost its charm. In addition, the viewers of the series claimed to it be sexist and, the last scene particularly defaced the show’s reputation.

Two and a Half Men' Cast: Where Are They Now?
Two and a Half Men

Full House: In Full House, a single man, his dearest companion, and his brother-in-law cooperate to bring up the three girls in San Francisco. The show was mainstream during its run. However, it was detested by critics and the audience for being excessively wistful and cutesy.

Bob Saget will return as Danny Tanner for Full House reboot - The Verge
Single men with dearest companions

Glee: During its run, many viewers moaned about how the series offered inclination to certain characters over others and dropped storylines. And consistent exchanging tone between a light satire and a dull dramatization. Furthermore, as the series went on, many individuals couldn’t stand all the singing anymore.

Glee | American television program | Britannica

The Bachelor: The Bachelor is a reality series revolving around single men meeting women. They meet with the women to possibly share the rest of their life. The series has a love/hate response from the audience. It is somewhat scandalous for some people because of the possibility of dating numerous individuals.

The Bachelor season 25 premiere recap: Matt has the 'ladies' buzzing |
Are these promises for real?

Pretty Little Liars: Based on the book series of the same name, Pretty Little Liars revolves around four young ladies affected by the death of their companion, Alison. After a year, they each get messages surprisingly from a figure known as “A.”

Pretty Little Liars reboot fate is confirmed
Pretty Little Liars

Once Upon A Time: One thing that may have prevailed upon viewers is that this series was something children could watch with their folks. However, numerous watchers who were interested in seeing the fairy tales come to life, hated the series in the end.

Once Upon a Time' Best Characters, Ranked — Emma, Regina, Hook | TVLine
One of 10 shows people ended up hating

Schitt’s Creek: The show is ultimately very hilarious, and the characters are fully developed in their roles. But some viewers find it very disturbing as it has depicted small towns as a joke or punishment. In addition, the writers have created a surprisingly “colorblind” utopia that is racist and classist.

Schitt's Creek Series-Finale Recap, Season 6 Episode 14
At David and Patrick’s Wedding


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