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10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains

The best way to lighten up the day is to sit back and enjoy a fun sitcom with your favorite people around at the end of a long, tiring day. Of course, these shows have their fair share of bad guys, which are also essential to add spice to the plot. But some of them have such an amount of ridicule and danger associated with them that, in our opinion, they are the best fit to be supervillains in a DC or Marvel universe. Because what else is a supervillain, after all? Yeah, we know there’s much more but hear us out. Here’s a list of 10 sitcom characters that would make amazing supervillains:

1. Wil Wheaton in Big Bang Theory could be one of the geekiest supervillains out there if he were one. Yes, he later became Sheldon’s friend, but before that, he was badass and treacherous. 

The Big Bang Theory Wil Wheaton10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains
Wil Wheaton

2. Jeremy Jamm in Parks And Recreation is one of the most formidable foes Leslie Knope has to face. Unlike the other members of the Pawnee City Council, he has no intention of working with the team. Instead, his sole intent is to cause harm.

Jeremy Jamm 10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains
Jeremy Jamm

3. Pierce Hawthorne in Community always messes with people’s heads and is an expert in ruining people and acting out. The guy went to such an extent once that he made Neil consider suicide when he was merely left out of a game.

Community Pierce Hawthorne 10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains
Pierce Hawthorne

4. Mister Burns from The Simpsons already owns a nuclear power plant and glows in the dark. That already sounds like a supervillain. But, being the wealthiest person in Springfield, he makes all those who work for him follow his orders no matter what. 

Mr. Burns Simpsons 10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains
Mister Burns

5. Dwight Schrute in The Office is sly and a bit of evil too. He is constantly under the impression that something is going on against him. The paranoia makes him weirdly dangerous too.

 The Office Dwight Schrute 10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains
Dwight Schrute

6. The weird robot, Bender, from Futurama, always had evil intentions. He actually loved seeing humans in pain. His strength and no remorse for causing pain and the will to destroy humankind could make him a dangerous supervillain.

 Bender 10 Sitcom Characters That Would Make Amazing Supervillains

7. Silicon Valley was about the Pied Piper team trying their best to make their plans work. However, there comes a villain, Gavin Belson, with his company, doing everything possible to cause them trouble. His greedy nature, the money, and wanting to rule all makes him similar to Lex Luthor.

Gavin Belson Silicon Valley
Gavin Belson

8. Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty is the perfect example of an over-ambitious scientist. Rick suffers from trauma and is in pain, and in order to cope, he conducts weird experiments and some heinous crimes. That certainly puts him on the list of 10 sitcom characters turned supervillains.

Rick and Morty:
Rick Sanchez

9. Among many other not-so-good characters on Seinfeld, there’s definitely no one eviler than Newman. If he had been a supervillain in any of the superhero universes, he wouldn’t last, but he would definitely make it to the list. 

Seinfeld Newman

10. Dennis Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has all the boxes ticked to be one of Batman’s foes. First, he has torture equipment in his car, and to top that, he once explained to his sister about killing someone. He sure seems like a serial killer.

Dennis From It's Always Sunny
Dennis Reynolds


Written by FandomWire Staff