10 Slickest Robin Suits

The faithful sidekick to the Dark Knight, Robin is what makes being just a sidekick so damn cool. While much can be said for the necessity of a Batman to have a Robin, there is no doubt that the character hasn’t been an influence on DC Comics over the years. Spawning off some of DC’s favorite characters such as Nightwing, Red Robin and the Red Hood, we wouldn’t have these amazing characters if not for the Boy Wonder. Everyone has to start somewhere, so for this list we will be taking a peek at some of the most memorable and awesome suits worn by Robin over the years. From Dick Grayson to Jason Todd, Tim Drake to Damian Wayne. We will be looking at all the incarnations of the Boy Wonder and the ensemble they chose to wear.

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New 52 Red Robin

First Appearance (Comics): Teen Titans (vol. 4) #1 (2011)

Worn by Tim Drake during the New 52 when Drake decided to take his own strides with the Titans, abandoning the Robin persona for his own version of the Red Robin. Of course we have to pay some tribute to the look that was used in Kingdom Come, but this modern design ditches the bald mask and keeping the mask he already had on. Another noteworthy addition is the change of the cape that resembles feathers which adds to the whole “bird” aesthetic. Currently in the comics Drake has abandoned this look and reverted back to the classic red and green outfit, fighting alongside other teen heroes in Young Justice.



First Appearance (Comics): Detective Comics (vol.1) #38 (1940)

You can’t be the original, unfortunately for this list, you can. While we love all the other suits on this list, we have to talk about the original one worn by Dick Grayson in his first appearance. Sporting underwear and pixie shoes, the bright red and green was a big change for the world Batman lived in. Considering the many dark elements of his world with Gotham City and villains like the Joker, many people weren’t expecting this design. However, it was created to appeal to more children and get them to want to pick up a comic book. Turns out the plan worked, and this design became the blueprint for future Robin costumes.


New 52 Grayson

First Appearance (Comics): Batman and Robin Annual (vol. 2) #2 (2014)

Anyone who knows Batman, knows who Dick Grayson is. As the first Robin, his story had to be explored once more for the New 52 run. This time taking the classic look he had but with a new style added onto it. Keeping the red and green, but removing the underwear and pixie shoes for an upgrade. Replacing them with long green pants, red chest piece and instead of having the three yellow lines on his chest, they were moved to his sides and resemble more of a belt. Short sleeves were replaced with long sleeves and an all yellow cape was replaced with a black cape with a yellow interior.


One Year Later

First Appearance (Comics): Robin (vol.2) #148 (2006)

Appearing after the events of Infinite Crisis, Tim Drake decided to reinvent himself with a new look and pay homage to his fallen comrade. Taking inspiration from Superboy, Drake cut the green off and kept the red, black and yellow. Giving the character a more edgy look rather than bright and go lucky. This suit heavily took from the design he used in The New Batman Adventures in 1997, after Drake replaced Grayson when he went on to establish himself as Nightwing. While many were not fully sold on this new look, it would be part of the path that would lead Drake into becoming the Red Robin.


New 52 Jason Todd

First Appearance (Comics): Red Hood and the Outlaws (vol.1) #3 (2011)

The New 52 strikes again! This time giving a modern update to Jason Todd’s original design. Taking some resemblance to Dick Grayson’s New 52 look, this design comes with a few new changes from Grayson’s and Todd’s original look from his first appearance. Todd keeps the red, green and yellow color scheme but with hints of red throughout the suit. An all yellow cape and instead of sleeves, added shoulder pads. What really sells this look though is something you wouldn’t expect, the mask. Rarely have we seen a look for Robin that features an all red mask, most of the time it is straight black but the addition of a red mask really makes this suit stand out from the rest.


Rebirth Damian Wayne

First Appearance (Comics): Teen Titans (vol. 6) #1 (2016)

While Damian Wayne is still a bit of a fresh face as Robin, we can’t deny that the change he made during DC Comic’s Rebirth was one of the most stylistic designs we saw from the character. Much of what we love about this look came back and little adjustments were added to really perfect it. We loved seeing the serrated cape come back and the hood as well, but something that stood out for this one was the yellow lining along the cape and the extended kilt he has below his belt. Considering Damian is one of the most skilled fighter out of the Robins, he was raised by the League of Assassins and the extended kilt gives his look much more ceremonial.


Young Justice

First Appearance (Television): Young Justice Season 1, Episode 1

Worn by Dick Grayson for the animated series Young Justice, everything we love about Grayson’s look from the comics and Tim Drakes black and red suit come together for this awesome design. What makes this one so special though, is the simplicity behind it. Keeping the sleeves, but sticking with long pants is always an excellent balance for Robins look. Rather than adding green to the look, they stick with just yellow, red and black. The suit received a few changes in later seasons when Grayson eventually became Nightwing and the mantel was taken over by Tim Drake.


Arkham Origins

First Appearance (Video Game): Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

Attempting to create a new armored up suit for the game, Robin was not featured as a core element of the game but instead as a playable character for the multiplayer feature. With this version, the only yellow on the character is on the interior of the cape, besides that the rest of the ensemble is made up of red and black. The suit is made to resemble Batman’s design in the game, which is why it features many armored pieces. By minimizing the yellow and cutting out the green, it makes for a much more realistic version of the Robin suit. Makes him not look so much like a sitting duck.


Batman & Robin Film

First Appearance (Film): Batman & Robin (1997)

A bit of a controversial choice since this film is considered the laughing stock of the Batman universe, one thing we can appreciate is the attempt to make an awesome looking Robin suit. As the creators try to make a gladiator type armor, they actually ended up making a suit that resembles the next step in Dick Grayson’s life. Ditching the “R” over his chest, they decided to replace it with a giant bird-like logo across his chest and down his arms. Considering where the producers were planning on going with the sequel, this look for the Boy Wonder made sense for the film.



First Appearance (Comics): Batman Beyond (vol.6) #20 (2018)

Ever since Batman Beyond became canon with the DC Universe, fans have been wondering when Robin would make his appearance next to Terry McGinnis. Finally it happened, and his brother Matt McGinnis was dubbed as the new Robin. Taking similar features from the Batman Beyond suit, this one also does not include a cape and instead has wings for its flight capabilities. However, keeps prominent red and black coloring for the rest of the suit. While there are two variations of the suit featured between issues 20 and 21, we have to show appreciation to both of them for their unique versions of the Boy Wonder.

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