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10 Smartest Character From MCU Shows, Ranked

10 Smartest Character From MCU Shows Ranked

With the release of WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened many options for its fans. Each of these MCU Shows has its twists and turns. Each Show has its intelligent characters. Many characters from the movies haven’t received the screen time they deserve. So MCU is doing a great job by making a show with them as lead characters. Not only the superheroes but also the antagonists of these shows proved their intelligence. But only a few of them stand out from the others in many ways. So here we present you the 10 Smartest Character From MCU Shows.

1. “Wilfred Nagel” is the only one to succeed in recreating Super-Soldier serum. 

MCU Shows

Numerous scientists, including Bruce Banner, have failed in their attempts to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum. He did have the advantage of working with both Hydra and the CIA. As a result of Isaiah’s blood experiments, Wilfred succeeds in uncovering the power of the serum.

2. After being called a Traitor by the American Government, “Sharon Carter” turns to a life of crime.

MCU Shows

Carter first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She turns to a life of crime after being tagged as a traitor and goes to Madripoor. As the Power Broker, she controls the criminal underworld of Madripoor.

3. “Baron Zemo” was responsible for dividing the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. 

The MCU's Helmut Zemo is More Anti-Hero than Villain

He is also the one who had a major role in taking down the Flag Smashers. Bucky and the Falcon follow Morgenthau’s trail through Zemo’s guidance after Bucky sets him free.

4. The prowess and intelligence of “Bucky Barnes” are best displayed when he sets Baron Zemo free from Captivity. 

Marvel's Sebastian Stan addresses his MCU future as Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes was mainly known as the Killing Machine from the Last Decade. However, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he was able to get a whole new persona. He anticipates every move of the opponent before doing anything. 

5. He Who Remains, the bad guy who created the TVA, seems impossible to defeat.

Loki Star Teases The Difference Between He Who Remains & Kang

He Who Remains is omniscient as he has witnessed and experienced everything that has occurred in the Sacred Timeline to this point. Therefore, even Thanos may not be able to compete with him.

6. We were fortunate to learn many other things about Loki. 

MCU Shows

A key feature of Loki is his multilingualism, which he displays by conversing with Pompeii’s Romans in their language. He quickly realizes that his alternate female self is hiding in catastrophes.

7. “Darcy Lewis” Discovers a lot of things in WandaVision.

37 Darcy Lewis Quotes from 'WandaVision' For LOL-Worthy Pics & Sassy Clapbacks

Darcy Lewis returned in Wanda-Vision as a Qualified Scientist. She discovers WandaVision’s sitcom broadcast, and her investigation reveals the Project Cataract of Tyler Hayward. 

8. Wanda embraces her power and becomes the Scarlet Witch she was destined to be. 

Scarlet Witch- All Powers from WandaVision - YouTube

In spite of Wanda’s potent magic, she faces a setback in her fight with Agatha. However, Agatha reveals the set of runes she used to make Wanda unable to use her powers. Wanda remembers the runes and uses them to her advantage the moment we feel she will lose the fight.  

9. The Hex Vision could save everyone from the original version of himself, aka White Vision. 

Which Vision From WandaVision Are You?

White Vision was much powerful than the Hex Vision. When Hex Vision provides White Vision with memories, the SWORD-created android realizes his orders contain flawed logic and departs.

10. “Agatha Harkness” learns everything about the Maximoff family and almost steals Wanda’s powers.

How And When WandaVision's Agatha Harkness First Discovered Scarlet Witch's Powers, According To The Director - CINEMABLEND

Agatha successfully manipulates the very own Hex Vision of Wanda. Initially, she appears to be a friendly neighbor to Wanda but later reveals that she is also a powerful witch. 

So this was our list for the “10 smartest characters from MCU shows.”

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