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10 Soul-Stirring Tributes To Famous People

Some people deserve a heartwarming farewell for the impact they left behind. Their net-worth or wealth didn’t matter after they were gone. They were only remembered for their work and the contributions they made to society. The stars that spread the brightest light are remembered in the most special ways. The same goes for the following celebrities who were given touching honour by their loved ones. We have rarely seen such moving gestures ever. It’s safe to say that they only got what they gave. So, here are 10 soul-stirring tributes to famous people.

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Joe DiMaggio and the legendary Marilyn Monroe were married for one year, from 1954 to 1955. But after the actress passed away in 1962, Joe made sure to get red roses delivered at Monroe’s grave thrice a week for 20 years. He had placed an order for half-a-dozen roses but stopped the service since it was attracting media attention.

Stephen Hawking

stephen hawking

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Stephen Hawking was one of the most respectable theoretical physicists known for his work on the physics of the black hole. The legendary scientist was buried between Newton and Darwin. In a heartfelt honour to his work, Hawking’s voice was beamed into a black hole from the European Space Agency.  One of his speeches was turned into music and blasted through space.

Paul Walker

vin diesel paul walker

The death of the beloved actor had shocked millions of fans across the world. But the ones who were hit the most were his loved ones. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker became thick friends while filming for the “Fast and Furious” franchise for so many years. Naturally, Diesel was badly affected by the loss of his friend. They never realized when their professional bond had evolved into such a deep friendship. Two years after Paul’s death, Vin Diesel named one of his daughters Pauline in his memory.


George Washington

geaorge washinton

Several sources state that the first president of the USA, George Washington had sworn: “I will never set foot in London again!”. To make sure that his words weren’t disrespected; his statue in London had to be built on Virginia soil. Even his statue doesn’t touch London.

Terry Pratchett

terry pratchett

“Good Omens” is one of the latest hit shows on Amazon Prime that has stolen almost everyone’s attention. It is based on the novel written by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett. As an ode to his dear co-author, Gaiman, who is also the program creator, left a seat empty for Terry and rested his famous scarf and hat on it. Furthermore, a packet of popcorn was also served to that seat.

Jose Fernandez


Our hearts stood still the day Jose Fernandez, popularly known as Niño, had passed away. The young baseball pitcher had won thousands of hearts with his energy and optimism. It was nearly impossible to process the loss of this gem. Everyone in the Miami Marlins wore a jersey with Fernandez’ name on it after his death.

Nicholas Colasanto

nicolas colassanto cheers

The sitcom “Cheers” had paid a sweet tribute to actor, Nicholas Colassanto, who played the Coach, in its last episode. We saw Sam straightening a photo frame that used to belong to Nichola’s dressing room.

John F. Kennedy

john f kennedy queen

If you have watched “The Crown”, you are very well aware of the chain of events that took place between the British Royal Queen and The Kennedys. After the President of the U.S.A, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Britain gifted an acre of its land to the United States. The Kennedy Memorial stands next to the Magna Carta Memorial today.


Bill Paxton


The late Bill Paxton strongly owed his fame to the 1996 hit “Twister” and “Apollo 13”. When the actor passed away in 2017, several storm chasers created initials of his name using GPS markers of the tornado alley in his honour.

tribute bill

The actor had appeared in more Hollywood classics such as “Titanic”, “Aliens”, “True Lies”, and “The Terminator”.

Aretha Franklin

aretha franklin respect

When The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, passed away after a long battle against cancer, the NYC subway station was pouring with tributes from fans. The sweet tributes eventually found their way to the MTA’s hearts who decided to officially pay her “Respect”. There is a signboard in Franklin Street station that reads “Respect” in honour of the late singer.


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Written by Ipshita Barua