10 Spooky Behind The Scenes Facts About Famous Horror Movies, Ranked

Well, there isn’t an ideal time to watch a good horror flick. Most of these powerful, timeless horror movies define onscreen terror. The ever-known ingredients have their way of hooking our emotions. However, there are also many spooky facts even behind-the-scenes of these famous horror movies, that will completely blow your mind. Yes, the long-awaited list is here. Today we have ranked 10 spooky behind-the-scenes facts about famous horror movies that unbelievably happened behind the camera.

Wes Craven once revealed in an interview that the script of A Nightmare on Elm Street was based on a true story. Moreover, he added he read an article about a family who crossed the killing field of Cambodia. Later, when they came to the US their younger son started having nightmares. And he died in the middle of a nightmare.

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These 3 different movies such as Psycho(1960) the timeless classic horror flick, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974), and The Silence Of The Lambs(1994) were based on the same serial killer Ed Gein. Psycho was inspired by Gein’s real life and the awful horrors he had caused. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre portrayed the body part décor and the possible cannibalism. And also inspired Buffalo Bill in The Silence of The Lambs.

In one of the most popular horror movies, The Shining, Jack Nicholson being trained as a fire marshal took less time to chop down the fake door so quickly that the production needed to replace it with a real one.

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The first part of the movie ‘Saw’ was shot within 18 days. Cary Elwes even mentioned that he didn’t even get the chance to rehearse any of his scenes first.

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The cast of the movie Ready or Not confessed that the fake blood tasted very delicious. As it was made with bananas and jelly. Samara Weaving said it was pretty “delightful” and low-key tasted like caramel. However, she also mentioned that it was very sticky, which made it difficult for her to move her eyelids.

Famous horror movies

The movie set of The Exorcist had nine deaths that were somehow connected to this cursed movie. So they decided to have a real priest blessing the set of the movie. Later, Thomas M. King visited the set of the movie to give his blessings.

Among the famous movies, the production of Poltergeist  used real skeletons in the pool. They quoted the real skeletons were cheaper than the fake ones and were also arranged easily by the medical supply companies.

Famous horror movies

The scene where the cast of the movie Raw watched a horse collapsing after being administered ketamine wasn’t any movie trick. The director of the movie Julia Ducournau took the permission to shoot the sedation that was already meant to happen that day. They ended up filming the whole procedure with the actors in it.

Jennifer Lawrence being an actor in the movie Mother! used to watch Keep It Up With The Kardashians, eat gumballs, and loosen up after filming the scene. Later in an interview with Vogue, the actress said the Kardashian tent has helped her to find peace in the darkness.

Jessica Chasten being an active crew member in the movie IT Chapter Two, revealed that they have used a huge amount of fake blood that was record-breaking. They used nearly 4500 gallons of the red goo, which was a thickening agent called methylcellulose and red dye. Jessica described it as really disgusting as she had to remain soaked in that stuff for a long time.

Famous horror movies

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