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10 Strangest Friendships In The DC Extended Universe

The DCEU universe is vast. No doubt their action scenes and fights are always on point but it is also known for its committed friendships and romances. Some DCEU relationships come across as natural and understandable, but this isn’t always the case well maybe because the personalities of the characters are simply different, or maybe because they did not get space to form a bond. Here we have listed the 10 strangest friendships in the DCEU.

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1) Batman & James Gordon

The friendship between Batman and Commissioner Gordon is portrayed much better in the comics. We can’t call them traditional friends, but both close allies who support each other in their own ways.

Gordon respects the Dark Knight and understands his intentions instead of pursuing Batman and trying to arrest him. The feeling of respect is mutual.

In DCEU, Gordon did not get the space to portray the friendship and alliance so the DCEU version is not up to the mark.

2) Diana Prince & Barbara Ann Minerva

This friendship, just like the previous one, was much better in the comics as it got more space to grow. In the DCEU, they become friends after spending only a short amount of time together without even sharing that much about their lives with each other. Well, it does make sense if Diana hides her violent past but it’s still not the best way to become friends with someone.

3) Harley Quinn & Cassandra Cain

In Birds of Prey (2020), we got to see the friendship between Harley and Cassandra. It’s surprising to see how they worked together, considering how distrustful Cassandra is and how Harley doesn’t think or act like most people. We can hope to see their friendship in detail in future films and how it came that Cassandra trusts Harley.

4) Harley Quinn & Dinah Lance

We got to see Harley’s another rushed friendship with Dinah Lance aka the Black Canary. When they meet, drunk Harley attempts to converse with Dinah and Dinah seems less than enamored with Harley, but things took a turn when Dinah saves Harley from her would-be-kidnapper.

Dinah and Harley spend even less time together than Harley with Cassandra. The reason behind their friendship is sensible, but the movie could’ve done better in forming a better foundation.

5) Batman & Superman

The friendship between Batman & Superman is the most iconic friendship in the comics, animated films as well as TV shows, but in the DCEU their friendship is portrayed in a strange manner.

Firstly, considering how smart and cunning Batman usually is, it was disappointing to see that Batman lets himself be manipulated by Lex Luthor very easily. Secondly, Batman doesn’t show such aversion to Wonder Woman considering she is also a mostly unknown-powered individual.

When Superman comes back to life, they never addressed the things that happened between them to clear them up. It just ends with Batman being happy that Superman’s back.

6) Cyborg & The Flash


Unfortunately, Cyborg had very limited time in Justice League (2017), until the Snyder Cut came along and gave him some extra space. However, the first version of the film did not take the time to properly build their friendship and simply skip to the part where they are friends. It almost felt as if the filmmakers thought that the reason behind their friendship is reasonable because both characters are of similar age.

Well yes, fighting together has the power to bring people together fast, but even personality-wise, Barry and Victor don’t have that much in common.

7) Shazam & Freddy

The friendship between Freddy and Shazam isn’t exactly strange, but an adult superhero hanging out with a kid is the strange part. This friendship actually got a proper build-up as both became foster brothers and eventually friends.

The audience will find it normal as they know that it’s Billy who is inside the body of Shazam, but that’s not what the people who don’t know Billy would see. This friendship is putting Freddy in danger of becoming collateral damage.

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8) Huntress & The Remaining Birds Of Prey

Huntress is a lot like Batman in many ways. She walks the line between being a hero and a villain while carrying the baggage of her traumatic past.

One thing that fans know about Huntress is that she works solo unless she has no other choice, so it is surprising to see her working with Birds of Prey willingly, even after defeating the Black Mask.

9) Batman & Robin

For some reason, the DCEU chose to kill Robin off and Batman doesn’t even mention him. This was a wasted opportunity as they could have worked with the character of Dick Grayson and displayed his friendship with Bruce just like the comics.

10) Diana Prince & Etta Candy

The friendship between Diana Prince & Etta Candy did not get space in the film. She only made a brief appearance in the film’s finale, where she remembered Steve alongside Diana, and once again, the creators chose not to further include Etta in Diana’s adventures in the land of men. Etta had already died by the time the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 (2021) rolled out.


According to you, which DCEU friendship is the strangest? Let us know about it in the comment section!


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