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10 Things That Ruin Movies For People Even Though They’re Super-Small

A lot of small things together make an incredible movie. But, unfortunately, they aren’t noticed until they are deliberately brought to notice. While some add more depth to the film, some little things simply put off the mood and ruin the movies, no matter how small. A thread on Reddit captured our attention, and we have compiled a list of things that ruin movies for people, even though they’re super-small.

1. The destruction caused in superhero movies or during a car chase always goes unnoticed. Although these incidents are usually massive and create havoc, still it is not talked about even for a minute.

Top 11 Movies That Killed The Most Cars
Car crashes and accidents are normal incidents

2. The family has everything fancy to do around the house, like putting up expensive Christmas decorations but still state that they don’t have enough to pay the rent.

Holiday Home Decoration Reveal - Hallmark Channel - YouTube
Fancy, expensive decorations

3. Hackers taking only a few minutes to hack into something that would otherwise take hours is just absurd. That never happens in real life.

Box Office Prophets: The Italian Job
Napster from Italian Job

4. In almost every movie, someone coughs into a handkerchief and tries to hide what is on it in every dramatic way. Like no one can guess it, it’s obviously blood.

Coughing up blood in any movie, TV show, book, or game. : AdviceAnimals

5. Every action film fails to highlight the detail that the actresses in a brutal fighting scene can get seriously hurt. But no, she never does because then how would her hair and face be perfect?

Opening (Trinity escapes) | The Matrix Reloaded things that ruin movies
Just a couple of pretty looking scars

6. The characters’ stupidity almost every time gets in the way of the movie ending way before it does. Like in Suicide Squad, the protagonists had the witch’s heart right from the beginning, and if they had destroyed it, the movie would not last that long.

Suicide Squad things that ruin movies
Suicide Squad

7. Bags and suitcases are always so easy to carry and throw around as if they are empty (of course they are, but they are not supposed to be on-screen).

On the Rocks: things that ruin movies
They toss them around so easily

8. The depiction of mental health wards in movies is absolutely disturbing to watch. Needless to say, it’s absolutely wrong.

things that ruin movies
Wrong depiction

9. The person who is a wanted fugitive (mostly wrongly accused) walks inside a building or a store right when their photo is displayed. The coincidence is questionable and also annoying.

Jason Bourne things that ruin movies
Jason Bourne

10. The predictions of the actress being pregnant always have the same common symptom- vomiting. Like there is no other way of knowing it. And in addition, somebody else tells the actress that “maybe you’re pregnant”. She has to know!

things that ruin movies

These were some the small things that ruin movies for us and they are super-annoying. Did you spot some too? Let us know!

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