10 Things You Might Not Know About Helena Wayne (Batman’s Daughter)

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Helena Wayne, also known as Huntress, is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle of Earth 2. She was raised to become Batman’s eventual successor. Helena’s first appearance was in DC Super-Stars #17 (November/December 1977).


Helena was born in 1957 and grew up enjoying the benefits of being in a wealthy household. As a youth, she enjoyed a thorough education, as well as being trained by her parents, Batman and Catwoman, to become a super-athlete.

The Huntress is a highly skilled gymnast and is also skilled at hand-to-hand combatant. In addition, the Huntress is an expert marksman, with her trademark weapon being a crossbow. Although she is not a major character in the DC comics, there’s still plenty of things fans don’t know about Batman’s daughter.


1) She Starred In A TV Series

Birds Of Prey, a 2002 television series, featured Huntress, Black Canary’s daughter, and Barbara Gordon. In the show, Helena wasn’t aware that Batman was her father, she was raised by Selena until Catwoman was murdered right before her eyes. After this incident, Barbara took her in. In the show, she exhibited cat-like powers, making her more of a metahuman rather than the normal one she’s usually shown as.

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2) She Was Earth 2’s Robin

While chasing someone who they thought to be Darkseid, Helena Wayne and Supergirl, traveled to Prime Earth via Boom Tube leaving Earth 2. In order to blend in, they adopted new identities (Huntress and Power Girl). She was Robin’s most brutal and ruthless version but had to leave it behind.

3) She Is The Original Huntress


Most fans know Huntress as Helena Bertinelli, the character that rose to fame in the pages of Birds of Prey. But she was not the first Huntress.

The first Huntress was Helena Wayne. Helena’s first appearance was in DC Super-Stars #17 (November/December 1977) but her character didn’t last particularly long and was wiped from existences during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

4) Took Up Crime Fighting After Selina’s Death


Even after knowing her parents’ true identity, Helena led a normal life. After Yale College and Yale Law School, she joined the law firm of Cranston and Grayson, one of whose partners was Dick Grayson, aka Robin.

But it all changed when in 1976, criminal Silky Cernak blackmailed his old boss Selina Kyle into resuming action once again as the Catwoman, an act which eventually led to her death.

Helena, deciding to bring Cernak to justice, created a costume for herself, fashioned some weapons from her parents’ equipment, and set out to bring him in. After accomplishing this, Helena decided to continue to fight crime, under the code name “the Huntress.”


5) Joined Justice Society Of America

The Justice League is the modern-day version of Justice Society. This classic group of superheroes were the best and brightest heroes in the world. It was mostly comprised of first-generation superheroes such as Alan Scott and the unique Jay Garrick, making it a big accomplishment for Helena to end up on the same team as her father did.

She was also a part of Infinity Inc, which was composed of children of heroes like her.


6) Fearing She Would Become Her Mother

Despite the fact that she did love her mother and became the Huntress to avenge her death, she secretly feared that she might follow in her mother’s footsteps. Helena had a difficult time coming to grips with her mother’s criminal career, even going so far as to seek therapy. Looking at her mother’s Earth-One counterpart, she secretly hoped that one day that the Catwoman would reform.

7) Died During Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis is one of the first comic events that truly shook fans, as unexpected events took place, such as wiping out a great many heroes, helping tidy up the continuity in the process.

She galvanized herself for the last battle wherein she (along with her Robin and Kole) died saving several children from the Anti-Monitor’s shadow demons. After Crisis ended, Helena Wayne, like her parents and Earth-Two’s Dick Grayson, disappeared and was forgotten.

8) Having A Crush On Robin


Her affections for Robin spread over numerous Earth’s as she had similar emotions on Earth 2 as she did on Earth 1. It’s a murky circumstance when you think about it because he’s basically her stepbrother. What makes the likely sentiment with these two so fascinating is that on Earth 2, she’s compelled to restrain her affection because of feeling committed to remain with her then-boyfriend Harry Sims.

9) Her Resistance To Poisons

Helena has a high hereditary immunity to all sorts of poison according to her father. The reasons behind this aren’t ever fully elaborated. This is the only extraordinary power she exhibits. The ability is likely only there to give her something special that others don’t have to help the character stand out.


10) Helena Bertinelli Is Her Alias

Both characters had a different personality as they had different timelines. That separation is now gone as Bertinelli is now canonically an alias used by Helena Wayne, effectively merging the two characters into one, which was a good decision as having two similar characters causes confusion.



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