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10 Times Animated Marvel Villains Were More Well-Written Than Some MCU Villains

Marvel Villains are as famous as their heroes, sometimes even more. This is the case with The Animated Series(TAS) Marvel villains and the MCU villains. In fact, in some instances, the portrayal and character of the animated version are more popular and well-written than their MCU counterparts.

1. The Lizard (Spiderman- TAS): The Lizard is just a scientist who wants his arm back, isn’t he? Dr. Curt Connors tests a reptile serum on himself because he is desperate to get his arm back. It worked! He regrows his arm and turns into The Lizard, one of the infamous Marvel Villains!

2. Venom (Spiderman- TAS): Venom’s popularity as a Marvel Villain has increased after the release of the Tom Hardy movies. In The Spider-Man TAS, Eddie is an unsuccessful journalist with a grudge against Peter. He bonds with the Symbiote because he wants to destroy Peter. Venom later sacrifices himself to save Dr. Kafka (who he loves) and defeat Carnage.

3. Morph (X-Men- TAS): The X-Men TAS is very faithful to the original storyline. But there are certain exceptions to the rule, one of them being Morph. Morph is seriously injured in a battle against the Sentinels and presumed dead by the X-Men. Dr. Sinister rescues him. Dr. Sinister implants a second personality in Morph and turns him into one of Marvel Villains.

4. Kraven (Spider-Man TAS): Like Curt, Kravinoff takes a serum to heal himself from an injury. It turns him into Kraven The (Feral) Hunter. This makes him an exciting addition to the Marvel Villains as he is both a friend and foe to Spider-Man.

Kraven the Hunter Marvel Villains

5. Archangel (X-Men TAS): The character is better portrayed as a Marvel villain in the TAS than in X-Men: Apocalypse. Warren Worthington is a mutant who is desperate for a cure. So he funds Dr. Gottfried Adler’s research. The so-called treatment removes Warren’s wings and replaces them with metallic ones. So he morphs into the Apocalypse’s Horseman Of Death, a deadly Marvel villain.

6. Mystique (X-Men Animated Series): In the X-Men animated, Mystique has remained a Marvel villain as against the movies, wherein she is a little bit of both- hero and villain. In the TAS, Mystique is selfish, rogue, and has very complex relationships. She is also a conduit for Apocalypse.

 Mystique Marvel villains

7. The Enchantress (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes): Amora the Enchantress is the mightiest sorceress and a powerful Marvel Villain. She is possessed by Surtur for a short time and eventually becomes his ally. She is purely evil, magical, and dangerous.

Enchantress Marvel Villains

8. Loki ( Avengers Assemble): Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki is faultless. His character has many nuances and layers to it. Avengers Assemble sees a softer version and is very similar to the MCU version of Loki. Whereas in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes(EMH). This Marvel Villain shines through and is at his villainous best.

9. Winter Soldier (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes): Bucky Barnes is originally Captain America’s side-kick. After an accident, he is found by the Hydra. Hydra brainwashes, trains, and transforms him into the winter soldier, a lethal assassin and spy, and a worthy Marvel Villain.

Winter Soldier

10. Deadpool (Ultimate Spider-Man): He betrays Spider-Man. But his unique personality, wit, and relatable background make him a hit with the audience. His ultimate aim is to get a pen drive with the list of all the SHIELD agents. Spider-Man foils this attempt, of course, but you almost wish he had succeeded.




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