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10 Times Hulk Was More Destructive In Comic Books Than In Movies

The MCU has never shied away from boasting Hulk’s brutality and the ability to smash buildings. However, it seems like the movies are a bit embarrassed by his past. They have focused more on Dr. Bruce Banner’s emotional battle with Hulk than exploring his capabilities. The Marvel Comics had stopped giving a puny rat’s a** about what people and his friends thought of him a long time back. The pages are filled with an angry Hulk throwing someone into outer space and knocking off someone’s head from their body. Yes! Movie fans can’t even fathom the extent of Hulk’s wrecking. Find out the 10 times Hulk was more destructive in comic books than in movies.

Shot A Dragon Alien All The Way To Moon

MCU is clearly not rooting for a realistic storyline with intergalactic heroes, monsters, and witches. If we can have a space dog locked up in a creepy museum, then why can’t we watch this storyline on the screen? There was a time when Hulk was bid against Fin Fang Foom, a dragon-like alien and nemesis of Doctor Strange. The fight got so crazy that the Big Guy ended up throwing it out of Earth and straight to Moon.

Made An Abomination Shaped Crater

So far, we have seen Hulk picking up bad guys and smashing them like a rag doll in movies. There is no new element in that anymore. Unlike the films, the comic books never failed to surprise us with the new abilities of Hulk. During his one-on-one with Abomination, Hulk punched him so hard that it formed a hole on the ground.

Pulped Deadpool’s Head

Our eyes are well-used to watching Deadpool being dismembered and regrowing. We are also not unfamiliar with Hulk’s rampage over his fellow Avengers. But none of them was the same when Hulk punched Deadpool’s so hard that it fell out of his body and splattered blood.

Hulk Vs Hulkbuster

The ultimate battle between Iron Man’s Hulkbuster and the Hulk in “Avengers” is one of the most-watched MCU videos. The clip has earned many views given how intensely their fight was captured. Watching them plummeting into the ground through buildings had legit kept us at the edge of our seats. But if that gave you thrill and adrenaline rush, then wait till you read World War Hulk. An angry Hulk unleashes hell over mutants for the death of his wife. Iron Man pays a heavy price for trying to stop him by getting beaten down and watching Stark Tower being crushed.

Caused A Hurricane With His Thunderclap

To let Hulk save mankind or not to let him, that is the question. Hulk is a heroic saviour in the movies who is favourable to everyone, including Black Widow (who also needed “the other guy”.) But allowing Hulk to fight enemies can be more detrimental than being helpful. To defeat Diablo, a smoke monster, Hulk made his signature thunderclap which ended up sending a hurricane to South America.

Flipped Tanks Without Touching

Will you be surprised if we say that Bruce Banner can lift and smash military tanks? Certainly not. But in Incredible Hulk #121, the Green Guy punched into the ground so hard that it caused all the surrounding tanks to flip. The tanks that were shooting him ended up firing at the planes above.

Wrecked an Asteroid

The big guy has been through space and visited many planets. But none of those adventures has paraded his strength with the right intensity. He was even defeated by Thanos so fast and easily in “Avengers: Infinity War”. In Marvel Comics Presents #52, he jumped on an asteroid and shattered it into pieces. Smashing buildings seems nothing as compared to this, does it?

Not Affected By Nuclear Bomb

There is no way to stop the Hulk except Natasha Romanoff’s “sun’s getting real low”. But apparently, even Thor can’t do that. The authorities have made plenty of failed attempts to subdue the angry Doc Green. Nothing, including military tanks and explosives, has made an impact on him. People are always coming up with more dangerous forms of bombs, but they couldn’t leave even a scratch on him. Do you know what happens when a nuclear bomb is dropped on Hulk? Nothing much. It definitely doesn’t kill him but only leaves him unconscious for some time.

Grasp Flying Jets

Hulk grabs jets out of the air and throws them with one hand as if they were paper planes. This green creature doesn’t need to carry weapons or explosives with him to win a fight. He can make an airstrike with no preparation whenever he wants to. There are plenty of incidents where the Hulk shot planes at buildings like a Frisbee.

Broke Out Of A Plane

We have often seen heroes flying out off a plane to pursue a mission. But none of those moments can beat this one. Bruce Banner was travelling by air when he suddenly exploded into the Hulk after getting nervous. The destructive transformation had literally burst open the passenger plane. He quickly BaRoOn-ed out of the plane to save someone from Niagara Falls.