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10 Times MCU Heroes Should’ve Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

10 Times MCU Heroes Shouldve Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

We love our MCU heroes for coming to the rescue and saving the day (well, most of the time). We always expect to play the right cards and make the right decisions, and, of course, win. But there are several instances in the MCU, like these 10 times, when the heroes failed to make the right decision and were almost dead. So what if they are heroes? They can make mistakes too. However, these were due to their negligence, wrong attitude, and over-confidence. Let’s take a look at these 10 times when MCU heroes should’ve lost but were rescued somehow.

1. When we saw Hulk punching Thanos in Infinity War, we thought of it as such a brave act. But was it, though? Even though he wanted to protect the Asgardians, his punch wasn’t going to help. However, it did make him and the others realize Thanos’ strength.

10 Times MCU Heroes Should've Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them Hulk and Thanos

2. Shang-Chi confesses about abandoning his sister, Xialing, and breaking his promise. He never returns to her as he promises. But later, when he sets off in search of her, he ends up in a fight with her. Even though it turned out to be okay, he deserved the conflict and should’ve lost.

Shang-Chi& 10 Times MCU Heroes Should've Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

3. Drax was warned by the entire team about how Ronan would outmatch him and that he would never stand a chance against him. Still, Drax summons him, and we know what happened next. His decision was highly foolish as he not only put his life at risk, but also endangered his teams’ lives as well.

Drax 10 Times MCU Heroes Should've Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

4. Tony’s attitude and behavior always got him into trouble. During the first few Iron Man movies, we saw his pompous nature very well, and we all saw it coming when he and Rhodey got into a fight. 

Iron Man vs Rhodey 10 Times MCU Heroes Should've Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

5. T’Challa was a beloved king. Everyone knew he was right and deserved to be the king. Yet, when he held himself back during his fight against Killmonger, he made it worse. He had a couple of chances to finish him off, but he didn’t, resulting in his defeat. 

10 Times MCU Heroes Should've Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

6. The end fight between Iron Man and Captain America seemed silly. When Baron Zemo revealed it to him, Iron Man could see nothing past his anger. Even though he knew that Bucky did not kill his parents intentionally, he still picked a fight and eventually lost. 

Iron Man vs Captain America 10 Times MCU Heroes Should've Lost But Plot Armor Saved Them

7. Doctor Strange was warned not to cause any changes in time to get Christine Palmer back. But he doesn’t listen and meddles with time, resulting in a catastrophe. His actions caused the universe to collapse, and the chaos was unbearable. This arrogant behavior deserved defeat.

What If... ? episode 4 recap: Doctor Strange goes down a dark path to become Supreme - CNET

8. The Guardians’ attitude came in the way while they were off to take down Thanos. They were so determined to kill him in their heads individually that instead of sticking to the plan, all of them did what they thought was right. As a result, the attack was so predictable that Thanos could predict and fool them instead.

Star Lord Tries to Kill Gamora / Thanos vs Star Lord Scene - Avengers: Infinity War Movie Clip HD - YouTube

9. Sylvie is the best Loki variant in many ways, yet that doesn’t excuse her for her mistakes. She was the reason why the multiverse collapsed. They were aware that killing He Who Remains would bring grave consequences, yet Sylvie let her anger get the best of her, and she killed him. 

Sylvie isn't just "Lady Loki," Sophia Di Martino tells Inverse

10. Thor’s decision to attack Jotunheim was foolish. Odin had warned him that he should not attack and even refused to allow him. But to satisfy his ego, he and his friends attack Jotunheim. And as expected, the Frost Giants outnumber them, and Odin comes to the rescue. He took a significant risk over-confidently, which led to war.



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