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10 Times [SPOILER] Showed Us He is the Strongest Superhero of All Time!!

There are so many superheroes in the comic book universe. But do you know the most powerful hero to ever exist? We have an answer.

It is the Flash. And let us tell you why


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Super Human Thinking

The Flash runs at speeds that are at an unimaginable level. To run at that speed, one must also think and react very fast because there might be obstacles you have to evade in a matter of a split second. The Flash can think and react at superhuman rates. His thoughts occur and disperse at such a rapid pace that it lies beyond human comprehension. But this ability also comes handy in other ways. When a telepath tries to read his mind, he finds him-self unable to keep up with the Flash’s super-fast thought process. The Flash can also use it to read and learn extremely quickly.

Godlike Healing

The Flash’s entire body is imbued with the powerful Speed Force. The result is everything that the Flash does is extremely fast. Since the potent energy runs through his veins at all times, the Flash will also heal faster than a normal human being. The regenerative healing factor has allowed the flash to bounce back from lethal stab wounds, bone fractures, and joint dislocations in a matter of hours. The average person would have suffered permanent damage or may have even died due to the shock and trauma of those injuries.

Strong Vibes (No it is not what you think it means)

The Flash can use his powers to vibrate each and every molecule in his body. If he manages to vibrate himself at the same natural frequency of say a wall or a building, he can literally phase through that object. This phenomenon is called the Quantum Tunneling effect in scientific circles. The phenomenon has one golden rule – you just have to be fast enough in order to perform it. This process is used in the process of Nuclear Fusion. The Flash can also use his vibratory powers to resonate his body with that of other universes. This allows him to phase into another dimension or reality if he chooses to.

Can Travel across Time

Barry Allen has proven himself to be the greatest speedster to ever exist. The primary reason the fans adore him as a God is not because of his quirky nature. It is because Barry has access to an ability that makes him a literal God even among the heroes of the Justice League. The Flash can travel faster than light. As a result, the theories of relativity do not apply to him. He will then break the physical barrier of space and time and traverse back and forth in the time stream. The Time Travel powers of Barry are a double edged sword. The most infamous use of that power was when Barry changed his past by saving his mother, effectively creating the dreaded Flashpoint timeline.

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The Infinite Mass Punch

The faster an object is, the more momentum it has. Consider an asteroid travelling at high kinetic velocities. Even though the asteroid is very small compared to the Earth’s size, because it carries some heavy duty momentum, if it strikes the planet, it will devastate our world. That is also the basic principle behind the Infinite Mass Punch. The Flash can travel at speeds much faster than that of the asteroid. If an object travels at infinite speeds, the amount of kinetic energy it carries will also be infinite. So if the Flash hits someone with a punch that he is carrying at infinite speed, then that person will be literally obliterated. Not even Superman can survive the impact. The Flash’s punch rate is 1 Billion Punches per second. That is one billion infinite mass punches.

Speed Stealing

The Flash is fast but there happen to be speedsters that sometime outrun even him. To ensure he has the edge in those battles, the Flash has another ability granted to him by the Speed Force. He has the power to steal the kinetic energy of other speedsters and add it to his own. The ability known as speed stealing is applicable to even objects like bullets or trains and automobiles.

Creates Sonic Booms by Snapping Fingers

The Sonic Boom is a sound generated by an object when the sound barrier is broken, that is, when the object attains a speed greater than the speed of sound. The first person to break the sound barrier was a British Pilot named Chuck Yeager, who did it in 1947. The Flash does not even need a plane to do this. The very snaps from his fingers are enough to break multiple levels of the Sound Barrier. The Flash can use this technique to take down villains by either knocking them out or using the loud sound as a distraction/element of surprise.

Speed is Strength

The Flash is the fastest DC Superhero. If he is indeed the fastest superhero of them all, it means that he must have infinite velocity, since he is able to travel at faster than light speeds. This in turn implies that the Flash has an infinite amount of momentum when he moves meaning he quite possibly might be the strongest superhero of all time.

Defeated Death

During the Darkseid War, the Flash is possessed by the Black Racer, the Cosmic Grim Reaper that feeds on other’s death. The Black Racer tries to convince Barry to be its host and let him roam the DC Universe. But the Flash manages to resist his control and defeats the entity. Barry Allen has managed to outrun death itself.

Responsible for the Speed Force

When Barry runs, his body generates lightning energy at an unprecedented caliber. This energy dissipates and is absorbed into the Speed Force, powering it. This was a revelation that came to Barry Allen very recently. He is the reason the Speed Force exists. The more he runs, the stronger the Speed Force gets.

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